‘M’ stands for May and Motherly Mayhem


Mothers are so much more than just loving, caring guardians. The Friday Flyer asked Canyon Lakers to talk about the lighter side of their moms. The request was on very short notice, but a few responded. Here is what they wrote about their moms.

Rebecca Bree Boshard and Jai Boshard


Jai Bashard is seen here with her two daughters.

Rebecca, 12, says she remembers the time her mom stayed up with her until 1 a.m. to finish a project. She says her mom makes her laugh when she tells stories of her younger days. They family loves to play a card game called “Outta Here,” which gets everyone laughing together.

When Rebecca was a really little kid, her mom embarrassed her by introducing her to other little children, who then ended up being her best friends! When Rebecca is feeling down, her mom can always make things better by telling her a story with a similar situation.

Rebecca’s dad says Jai takes amazing care of the kids when they are sick or down.

In answer to the one thing she especially likes about her mom, Rebecca says, “She is always nice and kind.”


Janelle Leim and Ora Peterson

Janelle says her family is really into games and card playing. Whenever they get together to play one of their favorite card games, a game called “Hold,” something silly always happens. Usually it’s her brother saying something “off the wall,” which causes their mom to giggle so badly that she sheds tears and can hardly breathe. That makes Janelle laugh and, before long, they are all laughing together.

Says Janelle, “They say laughter is the best medicine to keep you young; no wonder our parents are in their 80’s and still going strong!”

In answer to one thing she especially likes about her mom, Janelle says, “ She always giving me words of wisdom; sometimes I don’t want to hear them, but she is always right!” She also wishes her mom a happy birthday!

Carmelita Kubota and Nicolasa Cruz

Camelita tells a favorite story that occurred when she was 7 years old and her eldest sister was 19. She says her mom resented the sister’s boyfriend so much and would find ways to show her dislike.

Carmelita Kubota stands behind her auntie, her eldest sister and her mother, Nicolasa Cruz.

Carmelita Kubota stands behind her auntie, her eldest sister and her mother, Nicolasa Cruz.

Whenever the boyfriend would come to their public market store, Carmelita’s mom would call out to Carmelita in a loud voice, “Lita (Carmelita’s nickname), here comes this pest black cat again! Kick that pest away!”

When Carmelita would tell her mom that she didn’t see any black cats anywhere, her mom’s eyes would roll down and her mouth would pout in the direction of the boyfriend. That little action would cause Carmelita to get a big smile and tell herself, “Oh Mom, you’re so mean – but sarcastically humorous!”

Nicolasa has since passed away. Carmelita says a day never passes without her having memories of her mom.

In answering the question as to one thing she especially likes about her mom, Carmelita says, “One thing I loved about my mother was her endurance to life hardships made us what we, all her children, are now. A goal achiever in the midst of hardships to make that goal of making all of us finish our studies!”

Linda Weiz and Marlene ‘Molly’ Evans

Linda says she remembers the time her mom tried to quiet a noisy mocking bird with a box of Frosted Flakes. Linda says she found the empty cereal box under a tree in the backyard one morning and asked her mom about it.

It turns out that for weeks a mocking bird had been in Molly’s backyard during the early morning hours, repeatedly mocking sounds of various birds. Molly had finally had enough of having her sleep interrupted  daily at “zero dark thirty”by the bird’s incessant loop of  mocking bird “tweets.”

So one morning she stumbled through the dark house, gathered her ammunition (a large box of Frosted Flakes), marched out to the backyard and proceeded to “feed the bird” with rapid-succession cereal fire. When the cereal box was empty, and to ensure her mission was completed, she threw the box at the bird.

She then she went back inside to attempt a few hours of slumber before the alarm rang.

Not only did the bird thank her with a full round of new tweets, but because it was now on a sugar high, it added a few new sounds, which probably was bird talk for, “Frosted Flakes, they’re gurrrreat!”

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

Donna Kupke and Doreen Paramore

According to Donna, the character of Lucy Ricardo from the sitcom “I Love Lucy” is based on her mom. “If you watched the show, you knew exactly what my mom was like!” says Donna.

One of Doreen’s favorite things to do was pile all or some of her four children in her 1955 Volkswagen bug, which she named “Uncle,” and just go – anywhere.

She would take streets, turns or freeways based on statements by her children or comments on the radio. For example, the statement, “I left something at home,” would result in Doreen taking the next left turn, even if it was onto a freeway.

Doreen and her children often explored Southern California in this manner. They actually ended up out of state on some of their trips – in Utah, Colorado and even Baja California!

Says Donna, “My mom was the most creative and fun-loving person I’ve ever known, and I’m so fortunate to have had her as my mom! I miss her every day.”

In answer to one thing she especially likes about her mom, Donna says, “Her imagination, free-spiritedness and love for life. That’s three things, but it’s the best I can do!”