Yacht Club members to clean up lake


The Canyon Lake Yacht Club will hold its annual lake cleanup program on Saturday, May 7. Yacht Club members consider the lake to be one of Canyon Lake’s most precious resources and want to do what they can to keep it well maintained.

Just as past years, volunteer members will gather on four to five boats and navigate around the lake picking up the shoreline debris that can be reached from the boats. After the cleanup process is completed, the members will meet at the home of members Pete and Suzi Delia for some “job well done” refreshments.

The picture shows the group of Yacht Club volunteers that were part of the cleanup in 2015.  The Yacht Club has several interesting and fun events and dinner meetings throughout the year. All Canyon Lake residents are welcome and there is no requirement for boat ownership. Anyone interested in joining should call Mary Jane Kelly at 951-244-1768.