350 homes slated near CL’s northwest border


Information about a 162-acre parcel of land near Canyon Lake’s northwest border came to light following an April 12 meeting of the Lake Elsinore City Council. The vacant land, four contiguous parcels owned by Bruce Vinci, is in an unincorporated area of Riverside County, within Lake Elsinore’s sphere of influence.

According to an article at pe.com (April 13), a consultant for the parcel of land owned by Bruce Vinci said the owner has a plan to build 350 homes there and would like the City of Lake Elsinore to consider annexing the property. The Lake Elsinore’s City Council unanimously endorsed the annexation request. It now will go through a boundary commission process.

The article stated, “Councilman Bob Magee warned of potential opposition from Canyon Lake, whose residents ride horses in the area where the property is situated.”

According to maps and renderings found in the Lake Elsinore City Council agenda, the area already appears to be ready for development and is known as “The Summit of Lake Elsinore.” It is just north of Greenwald (though not bordering Greenwald) and west of the North Ski Area. It is on the other side of the hills bordering the North Ski Area.



Much of the vacant land in-between the proposed new development and the North Ski Area is owned by the Bureau of Land Management and currently lies within Canyon Lake’s sphere of influence. It appears the southeastern corner of the development property in question touches the northwestern corner of the City of Canyon Lake.

The agenda item included a request to change the land use designation of two parcels from Low Density Residential to Medium Density Residential, and one parcel from Hillside Residential to Low Density Residential; and a change of zoning to pre zone two of the parcels as Hillside Residential (R-H) and two parcels as Medium Density Residential (R-2).

Details about this plan can be read in the April 12 Lake Elsinore City Council agenda (consent agenda business item 17) at lake-elsinore.org.

As a side note, a few years ago the City of Lake Elsinore approved a proposed plan to develop a site immediately adjacent to Greenwald and the North Gate for a commercial center that included a gas station min-mart.


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