Find treats and treasures in the Towne Center


Hidden near and all around Canyon Lake are small businesses like stores and restaurants that are waiting to be discovered by everyone. These are a few of the places I have discovered since I moved to Canyon Lake four years ago.

The first is The Cup Above. The Cup Above is a Painted Earth-style place with a few twists.  It is a cafe with coffee and pastries, paired with a painting studio. You can go in, pick a ceramic figure and paint it however you want. All of the art supplies are included with the price of whatever ceramic figure you choose. There is a wide assortment and there is something there for everyone.

While painting, you can conveniently make your way over to the cafe area and order a coffee, a hot chocolate, great sandwiches, one of the delicious pastries made in the cafe and more. When I went, I had a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream, and I got a giant chocolate and M&M’s cookie.

IMG_0136They have all kinds of different flavors of giant cookies to enjoy. The Cup Above is great for families and kids of all ages. My family found it when we were just taking a walk and my mom saw it and she said she had heard about it on Instagram. To see more about The Cup Above, including new pastries, sandwiches and some great paintings, you can go to their Instagram page: The Cup Above.

IMG_0137The next place is the Canyon Lake Market. The Canyon Lake Market is a more popular spot.  It may seem like just a regular minimart with snacks and lottery tickets, but even a simple walk past the market will tell otherwise. Almost always outside of the market there is a barbecue going with incredible smelling meat.  The delicious smell of barbecue is always wafting through the air.

Inside there is a deli. At the deli you can get awesome sandwiches made right in front of you. The people who work there are very kind. The market is a great place to buy meats or any kind of snack that you don’t want to venture all the way to a major store for.

IMG_0140Another place is the Farmers Market. Every Sunday, there is a gathering of vendors in the Towne Center. They are selling all kinds of different things for small prices like fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade dog treats, clothes designed by the vendors, and many more things that are changing every single weekend.

The people at the Farmers Market come from all around.  One man is there almost every weekend selling his fresh fruits and vegetables. It seems like whenever I go to the Farmers Market, there are hardly any people there and I think a lot more people need to know about it.

IMG_0134Also in the Towne Center there is the Canyon Lake Animal Clinic, which is where we take my dog Beatrice for the vet. It is a great place and, even though it is very small, there are a lot of dogs that go there. The lobby contains several pictures and sayings about dogs and it is a very inviting environment for the animals. The vets are very kind and my dad likes how they do not push you to pay for more than what you need.

Another business is Hair Productions. Hair Productions is a hair salon in the Towne Center. I know almost everyone who works there because they have all worked there since I was a little kid. My grandma used to go there to get her nails and hair done so I would go with her. My mom still goes there from time to time.

They seem to know every one of their customers by name. They care a lot about their customers and try to be their friends. When I am there, I will see someone’s client walk in and that person will ask them about all this stuff happening at home and how their kids are doing and other stuff like that. The hairdressers get to know people on a personal level and make a great connection with all of the clients who come in.

The Sports Stop Pub & Grill is a bar and restaurant that has entertainment all around. You can watch all of the games on TVs hung all around the restaurant. You can also play pool or play with the arcade style games where you first walk in.

All around the Canyon Lake area, mostly in the giant strip mall right across from the Main Gate, there are undiscovered treasures everywhere. I suggest you take a walk through the mall and see all of the places that are packed inside the halls and explore. Maybe you can find something new.


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