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At the recent meeting of the Public Safety Committee, Canyon Lake Police Lt. Earl Quinata stressed the importance of calling 9-1-1. He said, “Not many people know patrol or police numbers by heart, but everyone knows 9-1-1 . . . If you see anything you feel isn’t right, call 9-1-1. Don’t worry about whether it should be Community Patrol or Police. Just call 9-1-1, period.”

The second issue Lt. Quinata stressed is for residents to lock their vehicles. He noted that most vehicle thefts in Canyon Lake are crimes of opportunity because the vehicle was left unlocked. “They (the potential thief) will walk along casually checking car doors,” he says. “If the car is locked, they leave it alone and move on.”

The April 5 meeting of the Public Safety Committee was held at 9:30 a.m. in the City Council Chambers. The following departments provided monthly statistics for the month of March, 2016.

Animal Control

Officer Sheila Risinger, from Animal Friends of the Valleys, reported that AFV issued 27 citations and two violations; they made seven after-hour calls, sold 90 licenses and quarantined one animal. There were 10 dogs turned in by owners. Seven stray dogs were impounded, three cats were turned in by owners, and five stray cats were impounded.

There were no reports of animal bites to either humans or other animals; however, there were two vicious animal reports. There were three animal welfare checks and eight noise nuisance calls.

There were five calls for rattlesnakes. Officer Risinger noted that the warm weather is causing rattlesnakes to be out, so it is important to report any rattlesnakes. (See article on Page B-5 about rattlesnake safety.)

Emergency Preparedness

The CLEPC is planning an “everyone plays” (community-wide) drill in the spring, hopefully May.

Fire Services

Riverside County Fire Department/Cal Fire’s incident report for Canyon Lake for the month of March was not presented at the April Public Safety Committee meeting and was not available to The Friday Flyer at the time of publication.

Canyon Lake Police

The Police Report submitted by Lt. Earl Quinata informed the Public Safety Committee that the Canyon Lake Police Department handled 363 calls during the month of March. The report stated there were 13 Part 1 crimes:

There were no reports of homicide, rape or arson.


March 13 – Assault – 22000 block of Castle Craig Dr. A juvenile was shot with a BB gun at Gault Field. (CN-160730011)


March 12 –  Residential Burglary – 22000 block of Castle Craig Dr. A neighbor called to report activity at a vacant rental property.  (CN—160160008)

March 13 –  Residential Burglary – 22000 block of Buttercup Pl. Entering through the garage, a toolbox and gas container were taken. (CN-16074730004)

Grand Thefts, Petty Thefts:

March 2 –  Petty Theft – 22000 block of S. Canyon Lake Dr. Light bulbs were taken from light fixtures. CN-160690001

March 12 –  Petty Theft – 24000 block of N. Canyon Lake Dr. (East Port Market). A “beer run” was made. Suspects were identified through the vehicle license plate. After police contact, the mother brought the two suspects back and had them apologize and pay for the the items. (CN-160720009 – charges were dropped)

March 21 – Grand Theft – 22000 block of Gray Fox Dr. A soil compactor was taken from the back of a pickup. (CN-160810011)

March 25 –  Grand Theft – 30000 block of Buck Tail Dr. (CN-160850001)

March 25 – Petty Theft – 22000 block of Water View Dr. A wallet was taken. (CN-160850002)

Vehicle Theft:

March 13 –  Vehicle Theft – 23000 block of N. Canyon Lake Dr. The reporting party’s vehicle was taken. When recovered, two blocks away, the stereo, GPS and tool box had been removed. (CN-160740005)

March 17 –  Vehicle Theft – 31000 block of Railroad Canyon Rd. The vehicle was recovered two days later in Menifee. (CN-160270001)

March 18 –  Vehicle Theft – 23000 block of Schooner Dr. A high-priced dirt bike was taken. (CN-160790005)

Theft from Vehicles:

March 14 –  Vehicle Burglary – 23000 block of Canyon Lake Dr. Extension cords and an air hose were taken from a work truck. (CN-160740003)

March 22 –  Vehicle Burglary – 32000 block of Railroad Canyon Rd. (Canyon Fitness). A brief case, checks and a watch were taken from a vehicle. (CN-1602820008)


March 14 – Vandalism – 22000 block of S. Canyon Lake Dr. An unknown suspect jumped on the hood of a vehicle, putting a dent in the hood. (CN-160740009)

March 14 – Vandalism – 31000 block of Railroad Canyon Rd. (Canyon Lake City Hall). Writing was found on the bathroom wall. (CN-160740010)

March 16 – Vandalism – 22000 block of S. Canyon Lake Dr. An unknown suspect jumped on the hood of a vehicle, putting a dent in the hood. CN-160740009

March 16 – Vandalism – 29000 block of Vacation Dr. The glass to a sliding glass door was shattered. (CN-160760005)

March 23 – Vandalism – 30000 block of Golden Gate Dr. A vehicle window was cracked.  (CN-160830001)

Traffic Enforcement

There were seven traffic citations issued. There was one DUI arrest. There were three non-criminal traffic collisions.

Community Patrol

The following report was supplied by Securitas Account Manager Jay Cregeen.

Mileage: 20,200

There were 93 citations and two warnings issued including 15 speed enforcement, 12 stop sign violations, two failures to stop for a school bus and 35 parking citations.

There were four disturbances (loud noise/parties), one member identification for access control, four failures to comply (refusing to show POA/DL/ID), 15 animal related, four verbal abuse and one miscellaneous report. No vehicles were towed.

There were 339 calls for service including 43 identification for access control (nine by trespassers and 34 by members), 32 POA cards were confiscated (expired or not in Dwelling Live), 38 passes were confiscated (expired or no driver license or expired guest passes), 12 suspicious persons/vehicles were reported and there were 16 complaints of loud noise.

There were26 incident reports:

Vandalism at Dominos Gate, perimeter fence damage at East Port, vandalism at the Gault Field announcer booth, graffiti at Indian Beach men’s restroom, a traffic accident at Gray Fox and Canyon Lake Dr. South,

damage to the gate arm at the Main Gate visitor lane, a traffic accident at Canyon Lake Dr. South and Continental, graffiti at the Tennis Courts, a broken water pipe on Outrigger Dr., a traffic accident at Outrigger Dr.,

graffiti at East Port Park, vandalism of mailboxes at San Joaquin Dr. West, graffiti at Holiday Harbor, vandalism at Steel Head Park women’s restroom, a vehicle accident at Greenbrier and Canyon Lake Dr. South,

a broken lock at the pool, vandalism at Happy Camp men’s restroom, a broken light at Gault Field, a broken water pipe at Steel Head Park, vandalism at Indian Beach women’s restroom, vandalism at the Holiday Harbor electric box,

a broken light at the East Gate decal lane, a broken lock at the rental dock door, a medical emergency at Holiday Harbor, a vehicle accident at Canyon Lake Dr. North near the East Gate and clean up at Sparkle Dr.

There were 41 process servers with average 11-minute time.

Community Patrol reminds residents to keep their vehicles and homes locked and secured.

Special Enforcement

Officer Ivan Henery provided the report for the month of March and said there hadn’t been any major problems. He noted that he has seen evidence of people sleeping in vehicles on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land and found items (computer parts and a couple of toilets) dumped in the lake. There was no evidence of shooting within the City limits.

The next meeting of the Public Safety Committee will be Tuesday, May 3, at 9:30 a.m. in the City Council Chamber.


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