Guard shack demolished at Main Gate


The Main Gate Project got off to a smashing start on Tuesday, March 15, with the demolition of the guard shack. The smaller guard booth was moved back a few yards, and Golden Gate Dr. was blocked off to through traffic. The entrance to the Senior Center parking lot was open.

A2-PIC-1-Tues-Main-Gate-mar-15-am1-Nichole-DurbinAs promised, there continued to be one entry lane and one exit lane open to through traffic on Canyon Lake Dr. South, and congestion had not been reported to be a problem as of Wednesday. Many drivers were using alternate gates just to be safe. In the Towne Center, the only exit lane blocked off at the west entrance was the lane that allows drivers to go straight into the Main Gate. The left and right turn lanes were open.

Drivers in the Towne Center who need to enter the community at the Main Gate should exit the Towne Center at the eastern traffic light.

As of Wednesday, the 30-year-old entry monument was still standing, but the gold “Canyon Lake” letters had been removed and stored by Operations for possible use at a later time. If the monument sign is still in place this weekend, individuals and groups can have a historic picture taken in front of it that will be printed in The Friday Flyer and stored in the archives.

Traffic Tips

The POA offers these traffic tips during construction:

The goal is to keep at least one entrance lane and one exit lane maintained at all times. Residents are advised to use other gates when possible to avoid delays. Construction hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Traffic lights on Railroad Canyon and Goetz Roads will be on timers during peak construction hours.

Temporary pedestrian access will be maintained at all times. School buses and regular traffic will be able to go through the Main Gate but should expect delays. Commercial vehicles are required to use the East and North Gates.

At the Main Gate, keep in mind that a temporary guard booth will be set up with one guard who will be able to verify residents and guests, and administer guest passes via an iPad. Temporary guest passes will be issued to visitors, though they will not be printed passes.

To accommodate the heavier traffic, East Gate entry lanes will be temporarily modified: left lane for visitors, center lane for returning guests and decals, and right lane for commercial vehicles and decals.

Senior Center parking and access from Canyon Lake Drive South will be limited throughout the duration of this project. The back gate will be open for access from Burning Tree Dr. during Senior Center hours.

Entering the Towne Center will remain the same; however, exiting the Towne Center will change during construction. Because backups are expected at the Main Gate, the City of Canyon Lake is requiring that traffic from the Towne Center be diverted to exit through the eastern traffic light (except golf carts which are okay to go through).

Main Gate Project Stages

Stage 1

During this stage, the west lanes will be closed. One lane in and one lane out will be open on the east side. The following work will be done:

  • Demolition will occur to existing structures.
  • Foundation will be laid for electrical/bathroom building.
  • Electrical and irrigation lines will be installed.

Stage 2

  • Major construction will take place during this stage. Entrance and exist lanes may change to accommodate the following work:
  • Guard booths will be framed and constructed.
  • Electrical/bathroom building will be framed and constructed.

Stage 3

Major construction on the east side will take place during this stage. Entrance and exit lanes likely will be moved to the west side.

  • More accessible pedestrian entrance will be created.
  • Electrical and irrigation lines will be installed.
  • Base pavement and final capping will be added around the center median.

Stage 4 

This is the final stage of construction. Entrance and exit lanes may vary during this stage for the following work:

  • Landscaping and planters will be installed.
  • Final cap paving and loops will be completed.
  • Final striping and signage will be placed.

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