Residents over age 18 are invited to play bingo


Canyon Lake bingo fanatics need not go any further than the Main Gate to play bingo. The Canyon Lake Lioness Club’s bingo fundraiser is held at the Senior Center every month on the first and third Sundays, from 1 to 4 p.m. Doors open at 12:30.

Bingo is held at the Senior Center but it is not just for seniors. All residents and non-residents over the age of 18 are welcome to play. Non-residents may obtain a bingo guest pass to enter the front gate by contacting Lioness President Sharon Ormond at 951-244-4494.

The minimum buy-in is $10. The price includes a six-sheet paper set, which allows the player to play all 10 regular bingo games. Serious bingo players usually opt for two six-sheet sets. The cash payouts for the regular bingo games vary each session.

“Cash payouts can be anywhere from $20 to $40 per game, depending on the number of players,” says Sharon. In the case of multiple winners per game, the cash prizes are split between the winners.

In addition to the regular bingo games, two 50/50 games are played each session. The cost of the 50/50 games are $1 each or six for $5. The cash payouts for the 50/50 games depend on the number of 50/50 games sold per session. The payout is split between the winners and the club.

A free 50/50 game is given to any player who brings a can of food. The club donates the food to HOPE, a non-profit food bank in Lake Elsinore. Only one free game per player is allowed.

Extras include bingo daubers for $1, pull tabs for .50 and power ball numbers for $1. A limited amount of drinks and snacks are available for .50 each. Players are allowed to bring in their own drinks and snacks.

Newbies need not be intimidated. Before each game begins, the bingo caller will explain the game before it is played. Lioness Club volunteers are also on hand and ready to offer assistance to those who are new to the game or need help.

One important rule to remember is that in order for a player to have a valid bingo, the player must yell “bingo” on the last number called. In other words, when the caller announces the last number one needs to complete their bingo, they must yell “bingo.” If you fail to yell bingo and the caller begins to announce the next number, your prize will be forfeited and the caller will continue to call numbers until there is another winner. In bingo terms, this is also called a “sleeper” because the player “went to sleep” when they should have been yelling bingo.

All proceeds from the Lioness Club’s bingo fundraisers contribute to the various charities the club supports, including the Ronald McDonald House, Smile Train, Loma Linda Eye Foundation, Foundation Fighting Blindness and Guide Dogs for the Desert.

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