Sosy is Citizen of Year



ometimes it’s friends who say it best. One of the people who nominated Sosy Robinson as Citizen of the Year wrote:

“Sosy has done so many great things for the Canyon Lake over the last year. She has her hands in just about every family activity. She is currently the president of the Family Matters Club (Organization of the Year), which hosted over 38 events, meetings and family meet-ups last year alone . . . She does meal preparation, hosting, organization, cleanup, etc.

“In addition to Family Matters activities, Sosy also prepares and delivers meals to the homeless and the disabled. At Christmas time, she and her family deliver toys to families in need, as well as food. If there is any family in Canyon Lake who is suffering from an illness or other situation that requires assistance, Sosy is the first to offer help. She regularly participates in meal trains and fundraisers.

“Sosy hosts her own healthy cooking classes out of her home for both children and adults. She is also a member of the Lioness Club (another philanthropic organization).

“Sosy is married to AJ and has three children. . . . Her son, Gideon, 5, was diagnosed last year with leukemia and is currently undergoing treatment. Even with everything on Sosy’s plate, she is now going to write a book for children undergoing treatment for leukemia. This book will then be donated to local hospitals for all the children.

“The list goes on and on of all the wonderful things Sosy does . . . Our community is made a much, much better place because of Sosy and all her hard work and dedication.”