Plenty of ‘love’ at tennis tourney


Plenty of ‘love’ at tennis tourney

The Tennis Club’s Valentine Tournament last Saturday included a whole lot of “love” and a little bit of first aid. In addition to the use of the word “love” in scoring (it represents zero), club members extended some special love to Jimmie Aguilar, who was back on the courts after a long battle with cancer, and to Charlie Jenkins for his 80th birthday.

Winners of the tournament were Phil Braun, Tammy Kennedy, Devlin Filmore, Tom Bol, Kathy Valdez and Jimmie Aguilar. During his triumphant welcome back, Jimmie tripped and fell during his last match and banged up his left eye, which required first aid. But he was still smiling because he won!

Tennis Club members also celebrated Charlie Jenkins 80th birthday with a special cake and display of some of Charlie’s awards over the years. Charlie’s wife Evelyn joined them for the celebration since she was a member of the club for many years.

In fact, she and Charlie first got acquainted in Canyon Lake when they were neighbors and he told her about the Tennis Club. They married in October 1981, and two of the awards in the display were for occasions when they were “Mixed Doubles Champs” in 1984 and 1985.

Evelyn had to stop playing tennis when her back started giving her problems, but Charlie is still hanging in there in the sport he’s been playing more than 40 years in Canyon Lake. One of his plaques was for 1st place Men’s Doubles all the way back in 1977.