Here’s another type of Valentine’s Day love story


For Valentine’s Day, Marti Morrison would like to honor her parents-in-law, James and Nancy Morrison, who have been married 56 years. Marti says, “They share their stories with me often. Nancy was the girl next door and, from the time James laid eyes on her, he knew she was his happily ever after.”

James and Nancy married in 1960 and began their family. They have three sons and several grandchildren. Marti, who married their son Jeff in 1992, says, “They have been a noble example of love and commitment to family.”

“I remember watching my husband with his parents and I cherished their relationship,” says Marti. “He deeply loves his parents and that has always spoken volumes to me.” Both couples moved to Canyon Lake in October 2015 to enjoy lake life. James likes to fish and Nancy likes to take walks. The couples are looking forward to celebrating their first Valentine’s Day in Canyon Lake.