Youngsters are treated to pancakes and Santa


What could be better than pancakes, whipped cream and sprinkles, warm sunny weather with just a hint of a breeze and a beautiful lake with puffs of clouds reflecting on the calm surface . . . How about enjoying all of that with Santa Claus himself!

That’s just what families got to experience last Saturday at the Ski Club’s Breakfast with Santa event at the North Ski Pavilion. Right on time, Santa’s ski boat arrived, driven by an elf, while children waved and cheered with excitement. As he got closer, they could see him standing, waving and shouting “ho-ho-ho” to everyone.

After making his way through the crowd of children, Santa sat in his big comfy chair, and each child had a turn sitting with him, having a photo taken and telling him their Christmas wishes. Santa made sure to spend plenty of time with every child and even extra time and patience for the little ones who were afraid. Not only children, but several grown-ups and even some dogs came to sit with Santa.

“Pancake” Bob (Burns) and members of the Ski Club kept the pancakes coming, mostly in the shape of Mickey Mouse, and made sure plenty of fancy fixin’s were on hand for the kids. Ski Club elves were also around to help with breakfast and take photos.

Breakfast With Santa is hosted each year by the Canyon Lake Ski Club, with volunteer chefs flipping pancakes and volunteer elves helping out with photographs and organization.

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Photos by Donna Kupke

Photos by Donna Kupke


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