What will Santa do the day after Christmas?


Will he be playing X-box with his elves? Will he be square dancing at the North Pole with Mrs. Claus? Will he be golfing in Canyon Lake?

That’s a question we hope creative writers and artists of all ages will answer.

  • Young children are invited to draw pictures for their answer.
  • Older children are invited to draw pictures and write a little story to go with their pictures.
  • Adults are invited to write a creative piece, serious or humorous, about what they think Santa Claus does the day after Christmas. (These may be longer stories, up to 1,000 words.)
  • Artists and photographers also are welcome to depict what Santa will be doing after his long Christmas journey.

The Friday Flyer would like to print as many submissions as possible in the December 25 issue, so they may dropped off at The Friday Flyer office in the Towne Center no later than 5 p.m. Friday, December 18, earlier if possible. Stories and digital photos may be emailed to news@goldingpublications.com by the same deadline.

Depending on participation, there may be prizes! Please provide first and last name, age (children under 16) and contact information.

Contact Information (phone number or email)