Letter: Get Involved


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

The events of December 2nd that occurred at Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino were all over the news and are still fresh in our minds. The lives lost, the people mentally scared, the absolute terror we all felt watching the incident unfold.

This is not a effort to change gun laws. That is above my pay grade and I am not sure I would want to change the Constitution if I could. This is an effort to start a discussion.

We need to talk. To our family, our friends and our neighbors. Have a heartfelt, intense and honest discussion about gun violence, mental illness and all the reasons why someone feels the need to kill our fellow man.

The questions to be asked should be along the lines of “What circumstances would cause you to kill someone?” For most of us the answer is “Only when myself or my family were in immediate danger.” Some of us may not even go that far, too frozen to react.

Regardless of the answer, listen to them, really listen. Some people need help. They need help with health issues, money management, domestic or workplace stress. Sometimes a person just needs a ear to bend, a shoulder to lean on or a hug.

Finally, if you feel this person needs more help than you can give, contact someone who can. Call Adult or Juvenile Protection Services, call your pastor, call your doctor for advice, call the police. If you suspect terrorism, call the FBI. Don’t stop calling. Call until your ears bleed. Get involved. Get help.

I pray that all of us find comfort, love and no violence in the coming year.

Stacy Queen