Judy Thompson honored by WSCGA


A83-PIC-Judy-Thompson-awardCanyon Lake Women’s Golf member Judy Thompson recently received the WSCGA “Judy Borden Volunteer of the Year Award” for her many volunteer efforts on behalf of the Western American Golf Association (WAGA) and the Women’s Southern California Golf Association (WSCGA). Judy has served 20 years and worked many major golf tournaments.

According to Linda Kamashian, who attended the ceremony where Judy received the award, Judy has also helped the Canyon Lake Women’s Golf Club in many capacities.

In announcing the award, speaker Judy Altschuler provided information about Judy’s background and volunteerism. In 1991,  Judy joined the WAGA while a member at General Old.

In 1999, Judy and her husband, Dudley, joined Canyon Lake Women’s and Men’s Golf Clubs. Judy joined the WAGA board in 2000, serving as treasurer for three years. It was during this time she developed a love for the Rules of the Golf, under the tutoring of her mentor, the late Sarah Floyd.

Around 2004 Judy came to the WSCGA board, where she served as treasurer for two years.  She became Rules Director, a position she held through 2007. “Since that time, Judy still actively serves on the Rules Education Committee and has truly left her caring touch on many a volunteer and the members of the WSCGA,” said Altschuler.

In 2007, Judy was invited to be one of the first of two women to serve on the 
SC-PGA Rules Committee. An impressive 13 times, Judy has attended USGA Rules school. Judy been a valued member of the Rules Education Committee for more than 12 years.

After providing numerous examples of Judy’s volunteerism, Altschuler concluded her remarks by saying, 
“As you can see, Judy works tirelessly, supporting golf at the local and statewide level, officiating many events run by various golf organizations throughout the Southland..”

After Lunch Bunch

The After Lunch Bunch had its annual tournament last week, open to all golfers who played a minimum of 12 games throughout the past year in the ALB’s regular Friday games. Thirty-two players qualified and 32 played in the Individual Tin Whistle game. Results were as follows:

A Flight – 1st: Tom Scudieri, 21; 2nd: Hugh Wagoner, 21; 3rd, Nick Valencia, 20; 4th: Ken Dettling, 20; 5th: John Hermanns, 19

B Flight – 1st: Joe Washle, 22; 2nd: Bill Levis, 19; 3rd: Jim Musser, 18; 4th: Hub Watson, 18; 5th: Ed Doidge, 16.

Skins winners were Jeff Roach, Joe Washle and Danny Batinich.

At the lunch following play, several awards were presented; most notably, to Bill Hallahan, “Mr. After Lunch Bunch.” Bill has been a regular ALBer for many years and during this past year he played in 41 of the 46 games.

As for last week’s regular Friday contest, the format was Partners Best Ball in Two Flights.

Winners were as follows:

A Flight – 1st: Bob Stinson and Carlos Ramirez, 58; 2nd: Norm Morrissette and Fran Pothier, 61.

B Flight – 1st: Pete Mortensen and Roger Kielty, 59; 2nd: Gordon Westby and Ken Dettling, 60.

The skins winners were Bill Hallahan, Carlos Ramirez, Ron Houska, Walt Popper, Mark Wagoner, Gordon Westby, Jeff Roach and Bill Levis.

Next Friday’s game is 2 Best Balls of the Foursome and 3 on the Par 5’s, with the committee selecting the teams. The weekly game is open to all Canyon Lakers with an established handicap. Signups take place on Friday mornings in the Magnolia Room at the Country Club, or by phone at 249-4565 or 237-6102. Tee time is 10 a.m. The entry fee is $5; there is an optional skins game for an additional $5.