Letter: What does $22,000 buy?


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

How much will $22,000 buy these days?

$22,000 is four weeks’ pay for our Golf Pro, one of the highest paid Golf Pros at any HOA in the USA.
$22,000 is cost to subsidize the food, drink and staff for golfers at the Country Club for 21 days.
$22,000 is the compensation that we pay our GM in 4 1/2 weeks, up 25 percent since 2013.
$22,000 will not pay for the cost of expanding the Senior Center to get votes for recall.
$22,000 is the cost of subsidizing the Golf Course for 10 days.
$22,000 would not put a dent in the cost of eradicating 18 acres of weeds on the Golf Course.
$22,000 is the current cost of our CLPOA lawyers every 10 days.
$22,000 is the cost of subsidy for Lodge for 32 days.
$22,000 is the cost of our Lake Lease for six days.
$22,000  is less than one month’s contribution for Golf Course reserves over the next 25 years.
$22,000 will not pay for the extra security at Board meetings.
$22,000 will not cover the cost of the ADR for the Main Gate.
$22,000 did not cover half the cost of the Derivative Action Investigation.
$22,000 did not cover the cost of the Eiler’s Arch for Main Gate.
$22,000 will, however, not get rid of a disrespectful Board of Directors with obviously no morals or conscience that work for a small minority to the detriment of all the other members in Canyon Lake.

All costs are based on the 2015-2016 Annual Report.

There is no victory in taking money from our seniors on fixed income and working families so other people can have their retirement subsidized on our dime.

Please take the time to vote in May.

Laura Loeffler