Patricia waylays Fillmore vacation


Ray and Devlin Fillmore were in Puerto Vallarta for two weeks in October and say that on the night of the 22nd they were all packed for their flight home when Ray got a text from Alaska Airlines saying their flight had been cancelled due to Hurricane Patricia.

When they looked on the internet for news of the hurricane, they were amazed at the size of the storm heading their way.

The Hotel Velas Vallarta had everyone meet in the convention center, where they were visited by the governor and told they would need to evacuate. The Fillmores and other guests were taken by bus to a high school located inland, and there they waited.

Ray and Devlin say, “The army was out and it was quite a sight. At 9:30 p.m., we were able to go back to the hotel.

The hotel was really great to us. They had a buffet waiting and drinks all around. We had a wonderful time.”