Letter: Unethical Behavior


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

This month the City Council finally presented details of two violations committed by one of their own.

One issue regards exposing sensitive information about the City’s strategy in pursuit of the lawsuit against the County in regards to the Fire Service contract.

The other issue involves misstatement of facts that occurred when a Council member notified local newspapers that they thought the City was responsible for the tragic death of a citizen.

In the lawsuit against the County, this Council member obtained confidential strategic information during multiple closed session meetings of the Council. That Council member then consistently revealed the critical information to opposing County officials – which is, of course, a severe ethical violation.

The Council member also wrote to The Press Enterprise and The Friday Flyer in order to broadcast the opinion that the City was responsible for a citizen’s death from a fatal heart attack. It is perfectly clear that the City is not responsible for the death. It is also clear the Council member’s opinion is not based on facts but rather baseless personal speculation.

City documents show that the Council member has done this before and continues to expose the City to irreparable harm. The actions of this individual are irresponsible and dangerous to the future of our City.

Yet the City Council has taken no substantive action to assure the violations will no longer occur.

Why, we ask. Is it because the Council handpicked that member to fill a vacancy instead of holding a proper election?

We must demand to know why no censure has occurred, why no misdemeanor charges have been filed, why the Council member is allowed to continue sitting on important committees, and why no Brown Act violation complaints have been made by the City.

The City Council’s failure to take any action is, in itself unethical.

Joe Kamashian