Letter: Recall Election


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

I want to thank all our members who voted “yes” in recall. The results of the recall clearly show CLU members support the illegal use of our assessments for the Golf Course and Country Club. It has been two years since we were ready to build a Tennis Building and still no building. We have no Dog Park but the Board has spent millions of dollars on the Golf Course.

We are getting ready to defeat the Board’s efforts to build a million dollar gate. Our Bylaws state: “The Board of Directors shall not make any capital improvements or additions to any one facility in which the total expense for such improvements exceeds $800,000 within a two-year period (excluding any road repairs or improvements), without the approval of the owners.”

The Main Gate should be put to a vote as it is well over $900,000, not including contingencies; therefore, it violates our Bylaws. The reason they proposed an ADR is simple. They think if they win the ADR they can proceed with any project costing over $800,000 that does not fall under their definition of “Capital Improvement” without any vote.

This Board’s definition of Capital Improvement would have to be voted on by our members before they could proceed, regardless of the outcome of the ADR. The original intent of the $800,000 limit was to stop any Board from spending $800,000 on anything without getting permission from our members, regardless of where the money comes from!

The Board’s plans to spend millions of dollars on the Golf Course was stopped due to this limit in our Bylaws. This Board has spent over $100,000 trying to illegally silence my voice and they have failed. If you want the current inequity and violation of our Bylaws to stop, then please vote in May.

Sean McDonald