The Field of Screams mazes are plenty scary

Spencer Massicot

Spencer Massicot

Again Halloween is upon us. I love Halloween, so much and this year is going to be great. I love all the things that go on around this time of year: candy, dressing up, scary movies – but not so much getting scared.

My dad has always wanted to go to the Field of Screams in the Storm Stadium, so this year I finally agreed.

We went out to dinner before to make a whole night out of it. I get scared really easily, and I had no idea what to expect. We finished dinner and started to make our way over to the haunted stadium.

We got our tickets and got in line. I was scared before we even got in; there were people with chainsaws and creepy little kids walking around the line trying to scare everyone. We finally got in and went to see what the five different mazes were.

The first one was the Holiday of Horrors. All of the different holidays were littered with nice comforting things like a smiling pumpkin, a plate of candy and a Christmas tree; but around every corner was a twist. There was even a giant Easter Bunny that jumped out at me. We got close to the end, and I ran to get out.

Next we went to Cannibal Island. It was tropical island themed, even with a rickety bridge over lava. There were people dressed as islanders with painted skeleton faces. There was one swinging an axe all around, and they wouldn’t let me pass.

Then we went to the Roadkill Café. The line was really long, and it took forever to get in. Waiting in line was the worst part because I just wanted to get through and get it over with.

Once we got in, it was supposed to be themed like a ’50s diner with the music and the waitresses, but the menu was pretty odd. The waitresses were everywhere, and they followed you around leading you into the next scare. One of them even started laughing because of how scared I looked. I realized that the people jumping out were never going after my dad, they were just trying to scare me.

After we had tipped our waitress, we headed over to the Exorcism Maze. I really didn’t want to go in this one because exorcisms really freak me out. My dad made me go, and this one was the scariest by far. It was definitely the longest. There was a whole huge section where strobe lights were going off, and it seemed like people were coming from everywhere.

I thought it was over, but I was wrong. We came to a doorway. Inside was completely dark, but we went in. People were coming out, pretending they were getting exorcisms. I saw the exit and bolted. But not without someone jumping out from what seemed like inside the wall.

We had done four of the mazes and all that was left was The House of Nightmares. This one had the biggest line of all, and I heard constant screaming from inside. When we got to the front, they handed us flashlights, and I could see the inside of the maze was pitch black. When we started, the flashlights turned on but nothing happened. Then as we got farther into the maze, the flashlights turned off. We were in complete darkness.

The flashlights started vibrating, then someone jumped out at us. I got really scared and started walking faster. The flashlights turned really dim. We could barely see. Then we turned a corner where people dressed like demons started coming after us. I got out and the night of scares was over. We we had completed all five mazes.

However, we didn’t get out of the haunted stadium without the chainsaw guy coming after me again.

I may not like getting scared but I love scary movies; so this year for Halloween, I am dressing up for my favorite scary movie and am going to be the ghost face killer from “Scream.” I love getting my costume and always go all out.

Last year I was an ’80s rockstar and made it really far in my middle school costume contest. The year before, I was a hippy.

My mom’s friend invited us to the premier of “Megamind.” Everyone dressed up in Halloween costumes. I was Harry Potter and was in the top 8 for the costume contest.

I always try to make myself unrecognizable in my costumes. I am so excited for Halloween to come!


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