Actor Bo Linton invites viewership of ‘Sangre Negra’


Now on TV and the Internet, Canyon Lake actor Bo Linton stars in the upcoming new TV Series “Sangre Negra.”
The show takes place in Los Angeles and revolves around the good boys and bad boy of the Santos family. Eric Roberts and Erik Estrada also star in the series, which has been described as a cross between “The Sopranos” and “Dallas.”

Bo says, “Directors Frank and Pinnock and Antonio McKay have put together a truly entertaining show that compels the viewers to root for the bad guys and good guys. I thoroughly enjoy playing Ryan Cadehey, the assistant D.A. of Los Angeles.”

He adds, “It was so much fun to have my first scene with Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts. Eric is obviously talented, but most revealing to me was how kind and generous he is as an actor and person.”

Bo asks his fellow Canyon Lakers to watch “Sangre Negra” at the link on “The show’s future is dependent on viewership, and every click of the link makes a difference; so please watch and help spread the word!

It’s great TV, and if you watch it, you will want to see what happens next.”

“Sangre Negra” is scheduled to air in the SoCal area in October. For now, anyone can watch the show by streaming it on the Internet at


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