Letter: Power to Choose


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

Imagine my surprise to see that someone like Marv Griswold supports this Board. We are at a crossroads in Canyon Lake. We have a choice: we either vote to keep this Board in power or we simply vote “yes” on the Recall.

Why would anyone support a Board who used your money to rewrite Bylaws that would have disenfranchised 1,000 members? This Board has been reckless in their spending and have disregarded our Bylaws, Davis Stirling and our USA-CA constitution as documented on www.RecallDirectors.com

How much longer are you all going to allow this minority group to control Canyon Lake? Was it okay to sue EVMWD without ever consulting us? Did they think about what this decision would do to our home values?

Why did Yarbrough support exonerating the criminals who robbed Canyon Lake? Is it okay for Yarbrough to spend $200,000 picking weeds on the Golf Course? When are they going to return the $1,500,000 they illegally took from our members to replace every blade of grass?

Should anyone of us be threatened with a fine if we decide to make it known that we do not approve of what the GM or Board have done? Is it okay for the Board to plot in executive session to disenfranchise anyone?

Pay attention to the facts and not the rhetoric posted on CLU self-serving FB-Website. Without our subsidy their subsidized retirement (way of life) goes away! You have the power to decide it you are part of the solution or not. We support the Tennis Building and Dog Park. Vote yes!

Sean McDonald