Letter: Recall Ballot


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

Have you opened your Recall ballot and looked at the instructions? I can’t imagine anything more complicated and harder to follow. It’s easier to solve a Rubiks Cube blindfolded. I don’t understand why every election ballot is unique. How hard can it be to make things simple? Isn’t that why we use a professional election service; shouldn’t they know how to put together instructions that are concise and easy to follow?

Someone must be approving the ballot. Who thinks the ballot instructions are clear? Or is that the intent? Are ballots intentionally confusing so that they can be invalidated? Is the POA Board responsible for the ballot, and wouldn’t it be in their best interest to disqualify ballots? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, just a member on a bit of a rant.

The Recall ballot could have and should have been done better. All I want is to ensure my vote is counted and not feel like I’m trying to put together IKEA furniture.

Gerardo Camporredondo