Braydan Sims competes at Wakeboard Nationals


Braydan Sims, an 8th grader at Canyon Lake Middle School, has been riding since he learned to stand up on his own two feet. This year he qualified to go to what is considered the largest wakeboard event in North America – the Nautique World Wakeboard Association’s Wakeboard National Championships.

The event, which features amateur as well as professional divisions, took place in Lake Alfred, Florida from August 12 to 16. There were approximately 325 athletes from across North America competing in both the wake-boarding (riders pulled by boats) and wake-park (riders pulled by an overhead cable system) events.

Braydan went to the Nationals with his dad, Ben, who is the territory sales representative for Hyperlite Wakeboards. Hyperlite often sponsors the Canyon Lake Learn to Ride Days, and both Ben and Braydan usually help at the events.

Braydan, 13, took 4th place in his heat. He “landed” all of his tricks (including upside-down “inverts’) but, unfortunately, did not qualify for the finals. For Braydan, however, being able to compete at this level was the exciting part.

After competing in his heat, Braydan went to a cable park with his dad and had a great time “hanging out” with other wake-boarders from all over the country.

As soon as he got home to Canyon Lake, his mom, Becky, says Braydan was back on the water, having fun and practicing for his next competition.


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