Letter: Mermaid Festival


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

Our first event for the Canyon Lake Woman’s Club was the Mermaid Festival at Indian Beach. Lyne Hall and her “minions” worked tirelessly to prepare the decorative mermaid throne and gorgeous mermaid grotto. We were thrilled to see all the mermaid and pirate costumes and have the great support of our community.

We were also fortunate to have The Friday Flyer promote our festival and are grateful to Sharon Rice for her assistance. The Woman’s Club had various booths as well as local vendors.

A fantastic battle of the “Pirates of the Lake” was one of the highlights of the day put on by the Canyon Lake Yacht Club. Thanks to the captains, Wayne Bootow and Bob Templeton, and their pirates and wenches for their participation.

Children enjoyed crafts and games, and Aprile McKinnon did her usual fantastic game as emcee and entertainer. The list of worker bees is far too long to list all of them but a huge thank you goes out to all, and also to the wonderful husbands who helped set up and clean up.

This event was not only fun but was supported by our wonderful community to which we say thank you – and to Lyne Hall for her creative ideas and hard work!

Jan May

Woman’s Club President