Letter: Greedy Lawyers


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

For all of you sleeping peacefully at night, comforted by the fact that we have “top notch” attorneys protecting, arguably, our most important asset, the lake, you are all in for a rude awakening. Wake up people!!

We all have to realize that these people have no, as in zero, motivation to ever settle anything. Why would they? They sit there day after day, hour after hour racking up billable hours after billable hours and very content to never stop.

We must realize none of them want to resolve the lease dispute. Resolution or success for us is lost income to them.

We must sit down, people to people, and resolve this matter before we sign over all our assets to attorneys who don’t ever want to see an end to their gravy train relative to what is really a simple negotiation gone awry due to greedy lawyers.

Jim B. Parsons