New playground beckons kids to Sierra Park


The bright, new playground at Sierra Park opened during a blistering heatwave on August 14 – and after local children had returned to school – but it is expected to quickly regain its popularity as a destination for families on the north side of the community.

The multiple climbing structures, slides and swings were installed by crews from Ortco/Miracle Playground, the same company that installed the new playgrounds at Indian Beach and Rob Caveney Park. The footing for the Sierra Park playground consists of Fibar engineered wood that is safe and ADA approved.

The new playground includes a sidewalk for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) access, as well as benches where parents can sit to watch their children. Also in the park are picnic tables, a frisbee golf course, permanent restroom facilities, dock and lake swimming area.

Improvements at Sierra Park and a number of other parks in the community are part of a Beautification Initiative introduced by General Manager Christopher Mitchell in 2013.

Projects under this initiative that have been completed in recent months include the new playgrounds at Indian Beach and Rob Caveney Park, a new slide structure at Holiday Harbor (which has been earmarked for more new equipment in the future), new concrete stairs at Harrelson Park and a one-room activity building at East Port Park for youth and family recreation programs. Also scheduled for new playground equipment is Steelhead Park.


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