Letter: Recall Election


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

A recall election? Did we not just have an election? This new recall election will be expensive, divisive and really unnecessary. In fact, it is nothing more than a sore loser campaign to initiate a revengeful coup d’etat! We have many other major concerns for our Board to be consumed with.

What we really should be focusing on are issues like the lake lease, which is threatening our very existence, and the reconstruction of the main entrance. The Main Gate was built 30 years ago when Canyon Lake had two-thirds less population. Times change and Canyon Lake needs to change as well. We desperately need a major update to our main entrance, and we desperately need to resolve the lake lease issue expeditiously and in our best interests.

So go ahead folks – vote with this mutinous group for a wasteful recall and watch your property values plummet, while all other local cities are increasing. Listen to your guests complain as they waste time and fuel while waiting in line to get into a lake that no one will able to use.

We need to keep the current Directors who have been working on these important issues and not be changing players mid-course as if we were in Italy or Greece.

Dwight Johnson