Letter: Support POA Board


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

I am writing this letter because many of our busy POA members do not have the time to follow our local government closely. They have seen information on the recall election and may not be aware of the positive contributions of our current POA Board.

The current Board has replaced equipment in parks that was no longer safe. They have improved the functionality of the Lodge. They have moved forward the plans for the dog park, the tennis building, the campground and the main gate. This Board has hired competent architects for the four major projects, taking the time to get it right after the previous Board paid for designs which were so deficient they could not be used for permitting, and, therefore, caused delays in moving the projects forward.

The current Board has cleaned up a lot of the mess incurred by the 2011-2013 POA Board. They have paid the legal fees and costs from multiple ill-advised lawsuits.

Our property values are being lowered by a small number of dissidents who are vocally disturbing our peace. They get up at Board meetings and speak for too long; they speak multiple times on the same item and heckle the Board. Most regulars at Board meetings have stopped attending because of the contentious atmosphere.

The vocal minority wants the Main Gate voted on by the members. It is best to leave the design to competent individuals who are working closely with experts. Even more importantly, the gate needs to be replaced to reduce traffic back-up on Railroad Canyon Rd., reduce the numbers of gate runners, and upgrade and reposition the old cameras to increase security.

Let’s get on with supporting the present Board which has worked tremendously hard for Canyon Lake! Let’s defeat the recall.

Dorothy Washle