Letter: POA Leadership


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

After 40 years managing residential and master planned community developments, serving on countless property association boards, I am appalled by the current CLPOA leadership.

The decision to default on the lake lease was in fact reckless, lacking prudent business sense. Only after numerous failed attempts to negotiate an indisputable argument that is well supported by qualified third party peer review, payment should have continued “In Good Faith” under “Protest.”

Realizing that there are both City and POA jurisdictions, both hopefully influenced by the resident majority and each other, the future of Canyon Lake’s emergency services must take priority over the Main Gate renovation, which, when closed for construction, would even further delay response. This vital issue must be resolved cost effectively to the means of rapid response and obviously prior to even temporary gate closure.

The Board of Directors’ decision to itemize the total cost for the gate is nothing short of manipulation to avoid public vote and again erroneously impose their independent agenda with absolutely no regard for majority resident opinion.

I personally question the Board of Directors’ ability to make sound business decisions on complex issues. However, the obvious lack of professionalism and unruly conduct that continues to plague Canyon Lake is simply indisputable and unacceptable.

It is very sad how inferior CLPOA leadership alone can have such a negative impact on every Board member and the entire community. Unfortunately, the longer this leadership is allowed to be off course increases the opportunity for disaster and makes correction more complex and costly.

Gary Wangler