New playground equipment going in at two parks


The Association announced recently that Rob Caveney Park and Sierra Park would be getting new playground equipment. Signs have been posted at each park to notify residents of the work being done and, during construction, residents are asked to avoid the playground areas.

This is a rendering of the playground equipment to be installed at Sierra Park.

This is a rendering of the playground equipment to be installed at Sierra Park.

The new playground at Rob Caveney Park was getting the final touches this week. It includes a climbing structure with slides and a new swing set. The playground footing is manufactured wood shavings. The new playground at Sierra Park is expected to be installed by the week of August 14 and will include multiple climbing structures, slides and swings. Like the playground at Rob Caveney Park, the footing will be manufactured wood shavings.

Additionally, a new new sidewalk is being installed at Sierra Park for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) access to the playground, along with added handicap parking spaces in the parking lot.

These park improvements are part of the Association’s Beautification Initiative that was introduced in 2013 by General Manager Christopher Mitchell. The initiative is aimed at enhancing and beautifying the parks and common areas in the community.

Chris says, “With the growing family population in the community, we look forward to being able to address some of the parks with older playground equipment that have outlived their useful lifespan. We hope that the new playgrounds prove to be as enjoyable as the playground that was installed at Indian Beach this past November.”

In addition to these two parks, the Board of Directors approved the replacement of playground equipment at three other parks: Outrigger Park, Steelhead Park and Holiday Harbor Park.


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