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Meet Canyon Lakers Tim and Christie Hall, owners of Innovative Logistic Products. Tim Hall was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Christie was born and raised in Illinois. Business is what brought this couple together over 19 years ago.

  Tim and Christie Hall are at left with their dog Hudson. With them are their daughter Samantha and daughter and son-in-law Mallory and Eric Wilson. Photo provided by Donna Ritchie.

Tim and Christie Hall are at left with their dog Hudson. With them are their daughter Samantha and daughter and son-in-law Mallory and Eric Wilson. Photo provided by Donna Ritchie.

Christie says, “We lived in separates states, so we talked on the phone for three years before we actually met. Tim had two daughters, so moving to Illinois was not an option for him. It was easier for me to move to Oregon so we could be together.” The Halls recently celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary. They have one daughter together.

Tim and Christie  moved from Oregon to Canyon Lake three years ago. “We were looking for homes in the Corona area when a friend convinced us to check out Canyon Lake, which we had never heard of before. We owned a boat and we’re avid wakeboarders, so our friend thought Canyon Lake would be the perfect place for us to live,” says Christie. The Halls fell in love with Canyon Lake at first sight.

Shortly after moving to Canyon Lake, Christie began working as a Special Education aide with the Perris Elementary School District; Tim as a regional manager for a health care company.

The Halls launched their own business, Innovative Logistic Products, in October 2014. “We started Innovative Logistic Products after recognizing that there was a great opportunity to produce products that aren’t currently available in the distribution/transportation world and can help drive safety and productivity,” says Tim.

He adds, “Our products include Locking Chain Hangers, Safety Cone Holders, Drop Chocks and Mobile Chocks. We have a patent pending on our newest invention, the Mobile Chock. Whereas our Drop Chocks are geared towards transportation and logistics, the Mobile Chock is geared towards boat trailers, horse trailers, motorcycle trailers and utility trailers. The Mobile Chock replaces the wood block that most people use to keep their trailers from rolling away.”

What is different from other chocks on the market is that the Halls’ Mobile Chock mounts right on the trailer when not in use, which allows the customer to take it with them. It also has the ability to fit a chain lock while in position. The Mobile Chock fits trailer frames 1.5 to 2 inches wide and 4 to 5 inches high, and comes with a release pin that can be substituted for a lock. It mounts in minutes and there is no drilling or welding required. A demonstration video can be viewed at by searching Mobile Chock.

The Mobile Chock sells for $49.99 plus shipping and handling and can be ordered on their website. For customers who live in Canyon Lake, the Halls will deliver the product right to their door free of charge.

Now that the Halls are settled in Canyon Lake and have launched their business, they plan to join a few clubs and get more involved with the community. Christie recently joined the Canyon Lake Paddle Club and hopes to join a few more clubs in the near future.

“Trying to build our own business while working for another company doesn’t allow us as much time to do all the things we enjoy doing. Our ultimate goal is to build our business to the point where we can quit our current jobs. This will allow me to volunteer at the school, and allow us to enjoy more of all the things Canyon Lake has to offer,” says Christie.

On Tuesdays, the Halls often can be found at Sunset Beach for Taco Tuesday. In the evenings, they can be seen riding around on their golf cart with their dog Hudson, and on the weekends boating on the lake.

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