How you can help prevent ‘accidents’ at the Lodge pool


The Lodge pool is a popular destination during the hot days of summer, but there have been a few occasions this summer when it wasn’t available. As the Association pointed out this week in its online Community Newsletter, one single action can affect pool use for the entire community. Unfortunately, the pool has already been closed nine times this season due to accidents and contamination.

The following is additional advice about use of the Lodge pool, provided by the Association:

“Members can play a critical role in avoiding these types of incidents by following healthy swimming practices. The Association’s Policy For Use Of The Pool (found in the Rules and Regulations) instructs that babies, toddlers and incontinent adults wear proper waterproof swim pants or briefs. Just this simple action may have prevented at least three of the times the pool had to close this season.

“Additionally, as mandated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) the Association has posted signage at the pool that advises individuals to not use the pool within 14 days of being ill. Microscopic amounts of infected bacteria can contaminate an entire pool and make others sick if they swallow the water.

“To avoid recreational water illness, the CDC also recommends that individuals always take showers before using a community pool, take children for bathroom breaks every hour, and discuss pool health and safety with children (reminding them to leave the pool if they feel ill).

“Beyond the safety measures that can be taken to prevent contamination at the pool, members are asked to mindful of the pool and its surrounding area. The pool area has regularly required extensive cleaning this summer to remove sand tracked from the beach, stuck food, and small abandoned toys that have blocked the pool drain.

“Following the pool guidelines and policies will greatly reduce the resources and time lost as a result of accidents and contamination. A pool contamination accident results in immediate closure of the pool for several hours (sometimes days) and the cancellation of any and all pool-related activities, including classes and events. The pool staff is available to assist with matters regarding pool usage.”

Those with questions regarding pool rules and safety may contact Pool Manager Val Grillo at 951-244-6841, ext. 617.


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