Letter: Medical Response


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

The City has hired a fire chief, but has no plans, and no proposal for its own fire department.

The City budget, so far, is the same as what the county would charge for fire and paramedic services out of 60. The UUT that we are all paying was promoted as a means to keep Station 60 open, along with our fire and paramedic services.

Our City leaders will assure you that you are protected. But medical emergencies will no longer be by fire paramedic and ambulance service. It will only be by AMR ambulance service. Which means that any medical call where AMR responds, will cost you, not the City.

Yes, you are paying your taxes, the UUT and the cost of the medical service.

Are you really protected?

Station 5 in Quail Valley and Station 94 on Railroad Canyon Rd. will no longer respond to medical calls. In the past, there were three fire stations servicing the lake. Now it will only be AMR, when they are available. The north end of the lake may have long response times.

To my knowledge, the City is not planning for paramedic service to be provided by their fire department. Medical calls are 95 percent of all calls. So the City will staff a service for five percent of the needs of the City.

Our current ISO rating is a 3. But what will it be in the future? This can affect your rate by $100 or more per month.

When it is up and running, will it be enough?

One house fire requires a minimum of 12 to 15 firefighters. One fire engine, with no automatic aid, cannot handle a house fire.

Who is the City protecting? They certainly are not protecting the members of the community.

Melissa Roberts