Public Safety Statistics for June Marine


Community Patrol

Community Patrol
Securitas Account Manager Jay Cregeen presented the Community Patrol Report for June.
Community Patrol answered 595 calls for service. This number is up 78 calls from the previous month. Officers issued four warnings and 180 citations, 11 citations less than the previous month.

There were 29 speed enforcement citations, 19 stop sign violations, 75 parking citations, 1 no helmet citation, 1 cell phone citation, 1 noise disturbance citations, 6 identification for access control (gate running) citations, 7 failure to comply citations for failure to show POA/DL/ID, 15 animal related citations, 4 verbal abuse citations and 22 miscellaneous citations.

A total of 21 incident reports were generated. There were 66 gate runners; 22 were trespassers, 44 were members. Community Patrol confiscated 48 POA cards that were expired or not in Dwelling Live, and 41 passes for expired or no Driver’s License or expired guest passes.

There were 10 suspicious person/vehicle calls and 54 loud noise complaints.
Process servers were escorted to 16 locations, with an on-scene time at the home of two minutes.

Graffiti, vandalism, speed enforcement and stop sign enforcement were noted as concerns for Community Patrol.

Marine Patrol

Marine Patrol
Marine Patrol Captain Guil Espiritu presented the Marine Patrol Report for June.

Marine Patrol boats spent 325 hours on the lake. There were 236 boat inspections, 40 fishing license/permit checks, 15 boat tows, 3 miscellaneous tows, 8 battery assists and 12.2 escorted hours.
There were 19 boating safety contacts, 18 warning citations for current registration with the POA but not displayed on the boat. There were 71 violation citations; 65 expired POA decal at dock, 1 expired POA decal on water, 2 speed restrictions and 3 jumping off the dock

Marine Patrol issued 39 quarantine tags (red) and 53 service seals (white). There was 1 inspection for Quagga mussels.

Canyon Lake Police

Lieutenant Earl Quinata presented the Police Report. The Canyon Lake Police Department handled 280 calls during the month of June, 63 more calls than the previous month. The report stated there were 7 Part 1 crimes: 3 grand thefts/petty thefts, 1 assault, 2 vehicle thefts and 1 theft from a vehicle. There was 2 reports of vandalism. Under traffic enforcement there were 7 traffic citations (includes miscellaneous), 5 DUI arrests and 8 non-criminal traffic collisions.

Fire Services

Fire Captain Brent Carter submitted the Riverside County Fire Department/Cal Fire report for June.

The report indicated that Station 60 responded to 36 calls in Canyon Lake: 1 false alarm, 25 medical, 3 public service, 3 traffic collisions, 1 vehicle fire and 3 standby calls.

Station 94 responded to 32 calls in Canyon Lake: 4 false alarms, 23 medical, 4 public service and 1 ringing alarm.

Station 5 responded to 13 calls in Canyon Lake: 11 medical, 1 other fire and 1 traffic collision.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer Jean Voshall presented the activity report for June.

Two new foreclosed properties received violation letters to register. One stagnant pool was treated by vector. Bank owned properties were inspected for vacancies and maintenance. Trash and debris was removed from right of way.

One Notice of Violation was filed with the County on a structure posted as unsafe to occupy and building permits required. Two citations were issued for building permits required.

Two Notice of Violations for abandoned, inoperable vehicles stored in public view; one has been removed and, for the other, it was learned the owner was evicted and left the truck behind. A registered letter was sent to the property owner. The property owner has 10 days to respond before further action can be taken.

One verbal warning was given about preventing vinyl paint and concrete dust from entering the gutter. A follow up inspection revealed proper clean-up.

Code Enforcement also trained and maintained boats for the 4th of July to help Marine Patrol with holiday activities.

Special Enforcement

Special Enforcement Officer Ivan Henery presented the report for the month of June. He reported that it was a quiet month for Special Enforcement in the BLM areas. No shell casings or indications of shootings were seen. Only one campfire was seen, which indicates less camping activity.


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