Why not become a ‘Mermaid of the Lake’?


Young women and mature women alike are invited to join a new philanthropic group known as “Mermaids of the Lake.” The group is sponsored by the Woman’s Club and organized by Lyne Hall.

The group will be selected in time to be recognized at a community-wide Mermaid Festival on August 22 at Indian Beach. Vendors also are wanted for that event. According to Lyne, mermaids will be expected to show expertise in three areas:

  • Generosity of spirit
  • Prowess in the water
  • Creativity

At the Mermaid Festival, a Mermaid Queen will be crowned and presented with a $250 prize. Depending on the kind of response received, a retinue of several other Mermaids of the Lake will be appointed that will help carry the Canyon Lake Woman’s Club’s philanthropic message throughout the community. The queen and her retinue will be asked to make appearances at the CLWC’s various fundraisers.

How to become a Mermaid

Generosity of Spirit – Interested ladies are invited to submit an essay of not more than 300 words explaining what philanthropic/volunteer activities they have done or are doing, who and what for, amount of hours, monies raised etc.. For a high schooler, these efforts have to be above and beyond the 40-hour requirement at school and show the CLWC Mermaid Committee a true volunteer spirit.

Lyne says Mermaids will be judged solely on how generous they are with their time and money, etc. and how well they can explain their generosity to the judges. They will not be judged on spelling, grammar, etc. No points are added for a high GPA.

“We feel that generosity of spirit does not necessarily go hand in hand with educational prowess,” says Lyne. “Entrants who are not academically gifted will stand just as good a chance of becoming the CLWC Mermaid Queen as someone who is.”
Entry Requirements
1. Mermaids should be 14 years of age or older and residents of Canyon Lake.

  1. Essays must be e-mailed or mailed to the address below by July 25.
  2. Each entry is required to have a title page containing name, e-mail address and mailing address of the entrant. If entrant is not 18, parents/legal guardians’ information is required.
  3. No photos or other graphics.

Submissions can be e-mailed to canyonlakewomansclub@gmail.com or sent to: Canyon Lake Woman’s Club Mermaids 23066-19 Canyon Lake Dr. South Canyon Lake, California 92587

Water Prowess and Creativity

The second and third parts of the application process will take place in the Lodge pool at the end of July. This will be by invitation only from the Mermaid Essay Committee. The committee will automatically disqualify an entry that does not meet the rules for essay submission.

Prowess in the Water – Entrants will be required to do the following:

  • A long shallow front dive
  • A 500-yard swim (any stroke)
  • Treading water with legs only for two minutes
  • Pirate Treasure Retrieval – Swim underwater and capture as much “pirate treasure” as possible, as quickly as possible.

Creativity – For the creativity part of the application process, mermaids have to make their own swim cap, hat, crown or tiara out of anything they like to show their individual creativity. It must hold up under water while capturing pirate treasure.

Headgear will be judged before and after the Pirate Treasure Retrieval, and points will be awarded each time. Additional points will be awarded for creative costuming in addition to the headgear. (This is not mandatory. A costume should not interfere with safety in the water.)

Mermaid Festival

All of this will culminate at the Mermaid Festival on August 22 at Indian Beach. Lyne currently is envisioning an afternoon affair with vendors selling mermaid (and pirate) related wares, food, drink and a “Mermaid Grotto” for photo ops. The Mermaid Queen will be crowned based upon points earned in the above application process.

Vendors are crucial to the success of the event, so interested vendors should contact Lyne at 951-244-2401 or Nyla Finch at 951-244-7043.


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