Letters to the Editor policy


Letters to the Editor are an opportunity for residents to voice opinions and comment on City, POA and other community issues. Please keep letters as brief as possible – not over 300 words. Letters containing more than 300 words are subject to editing.

Canyon Lakers may send letters no more frequently than once a month and all letters must include first and last name, tract and lot and phone number. The personal e-mail address from which a letter is sent serves as a signature.

The Friday Flyer does not print neighbor/customer disputes or testimonials. It does not print “open” letters or letters directed to other persons. The Friday Flyer allows local political letters with content that is civil, promotes candidates and initiatives, and does not contain anything directed toward an opponent.

Readers are reminded information presented as “fact” may not be factual; and if anyone has a question, they are urged to contact the appropriate POA, City, CLPD or other entity to receive a clearer understanding of the issue.

Letters should be e-mailed to news@goldingpublications.com. and must be received by Tuesday at noon unless otherwise noted for holidays.


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