Spitzer, Yarbrough re-elected, Horton elected to CLPOA Board


Enough ballots were cast to meet quorum for the CLPOA Annual Meeting and Election on Thursday, May 14, at the Lodge. After the votes were tallied and the meeting reconvened at 1:30 p.m., it was announced that the winners for the Board of Directors were incumbents Eric Spitzer, with 769 votes, and Bruce Yarbrough with 732 votes.

Ted Horton will join them on the Board with 518 votes; although Paul Queen was only one vote behind with 517.

The other candidates received votes as follows: Harold Larson, 170; Tammie Mongold, 338; Larry Greene, 460; Dale Welty, 367; and Larry Neigel, 492.

It was announced the Bylaws measures did not pass.

The Board members voted among themselves to name the following officers for 2015-16: President David Eilers, Vice-President Doug Gordon, Secretary Ted Horton, Treasurer Bruce Yarbrough and Director Eric Spitzer.

David opened the meeting with the annual President’s Report, noting that he and the Board are very proud of what has been accomplished for the Association this year. He provided a list of improvements since last May that included:

Renovation of the Lodge

New mailboxes in the Fairway Estates

Upgrades at Outrigger Park

New playground at Indian Beach

Playground repairs and replacements at Holiday Harbor and Harrelson Park

New Equestrian Center pavilion

New activity room structure at East Port Park

Repair/replacement of docks at Moonstone Beach and the Lodge.

In progress for next year are:

New acoustics in the Lodge lounge, bar and dining room.

Dog park at East Port

Community building at Tennis Center

New docks at some of the parks

New community mailboxes

Other projects in the works are

New playground equipment at Sierra Park and Rob Caveney Park

Security cameras

Roadrunners Park restrooms, pavilion

Campground playground

Solar project

Goetz Rd. wall from Newport Rd. to the East Gate

David reported that, with regard to personnel policy adjustments, there had been a reorganization of all the committees, an update to the records retention policy and new methods of communication by the Association.

Also during his President’s Report, David thanked all the committees and clubs for their volunteer hours. He thanked the Association’s management staff and team; in particular General Manager Christopher Mitchell, Executive Assistant Denise Agostini and Communication Specialist Tiffany Cribbs.

Following David’s report, General Manager Christopher Mitchell presented special recognition plaques to the Board members who had completed their 2013-15 terms: Eric Spitzer, Bruce Yarbrough and Dawn Haggerty (though Dawn did resign earlier this spring to concentrate on City Council duties). He also gave special recognition to Bruce for his water conservation efforts.


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