Nic Welty accepted into tennis junior academy

Photos provided by Donna Ritchie

Photos provided by Donna Ritchie

Canyon Lake youngster Nic Welty was chosen to be in the Murrieta Tennis Club Jr. Academy. The program is for 8th through 12th graders who show skills and desires to play college level tennis. Nic is only in the 2nd grade, so family and friends recognize this as a great accomplishment for the 8 -year-old.

Nic’s love for tennis started at a young age. “He started carrying around a tennis racket when he was 1 year old,” says Nic’s mom. “He carried it around so much that we eventually had the racked framed and hung it on his wall, where it still hangs today.”

Nic began taking tennis lessons at the age of 4. His training started at the Canyon Lake tennis courts with coach, Canyon Lake Tennis Pro Baba Soysa. During his time playing in Canyon Lake, from the age of 4 to 7, Nic participated in both group and private lessons.

Last year, Nic started playing at the Murrieta Tennis Club, where he entered his first USTA tennis tournament. So far, Nic has won every Murrieta match in which he’s played, and is doing very well in USTA matches. He is currently preparing to enter his 3rd USTA tennis tournament.

Recently, Nic’s skill level, USTA ranking, maturity and desire to play tennis were evaluated before being accepted into the Murrieta Tennis Club Jr. Academy. The program’s goal is to produce highly ranked juniors and top level high school players who desire to play college tennis. Weekly match play and monthly USTA tennis tournaments are required.

According to Kellie, Nic takes private lessons twice a week with two professional tennis coaches as well as a weekly group lesson. He also enjoys practicing tennis with his dad, Dale Welty. Dale started playing tennis in Canyon Lake about 15 years ago, and has been playing USTA tennis tournaments for 13 years.

When asked what he likes best about playing tennis, Nic says, “It’s all on you. In singles you can’t blame other players, it’s all on you.”

Nic also plays golf and baseball. However, due to his busy schedule and love for tennis, he says he has decided to focus only on tennis and golf next year. In his spare time he likes to fish and do all the other things that little 8-year-old boys enjoy doing.


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