Letter: Elected to Serve


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

Thank you! I am honored that the residents of Canyon Lake have elected me to serve as a Director of our POA Board. It is a challenge that I do not take lightly. I hope that I can meet everyone’s expectations and urge you to reach out to me with your concerns and ideas at any time. I will try to do my best to keep you well informed throughout my term.

Congratulations to my fellow Board Members. I am excited to be on their team and will do my best to cooperate and work together for our community. I expect to negotiate for what I believe the majority of our residents desire, but recognize that working together as a team is key to our Board’s success. Acting ethically, honestly and united will generate our constituents’ trust and support. We must become experts at communication and I will constantly be urging us to do better.

The recent campaign and election has been hard on all of us during these stressful times within our community. Now it is time to put the divisiveness behind us. Please, let’s all work together to resolve the uncertainties surrounding our lake lease; to complete the dog park and tennis/community building as promised; to further evaluate and develop consensus on our main entry and gate improvements and get this project done; to continue with turf reduction and water conservation throughout our community; to support youth programs with all of our resources; to explore the possibilities of solar energy; and, to continue to upgrade and improve our amenities according to a plan that is developed and shared with all of us in advance.

Most importantly, let’s keep everyone informed. I pledge to try to do my part. Let us all “just do it!” (951-246-2928, tnhorton@aol.com)

Ted Horton