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The Fiesta Day Cardboard Boat Challenge has come to be one of the most popular contests at Fiesta Day. Last year, 28 boats made of nothing more than cardboard and duct tape lined the shore at Sunset Beach, with the challenge of paddling through a course adjacent to the swimming area and making it back to shore in one piece.

Some of the more noteworthy designs included a Viking ship; a pirate ship; a miniature red, white and blue pontoon boat; and a very professional-looking trimaran. Many of the paddlers accentuated their boat’s theme with colorful costumes and descriptive names like “S.S. Sinks-a-Lot” and “Totally Beachen.”

Competitors’ ages ranged from young children to adults. Most wore swimsuits, but there was a Viking, there were little pirates, there was a team wearing giant mustaches. There were paddlers and support crew wearing matching shirts including one group wearing hot pink “Eat My Wake” T-shirts. There were smiles and grimaces, cheers and groans.

This year’s Cardboard Boat Challenge will have two categories and two heats. Youths 12 and under will compete against each other for an entry fee of just $5 per person. Adults 13 and older will compete against each other for an entry fee of $10 per person. The price is per boat, not per person.

There will be a $100 prize for the winner of each heat.

Fiesta Day is just a month away, on May 23 (Memorial Day weekend), and the Fiesta Day Committee is working hard to make this popular event even more special. For “Fiesta Under the Big Top,” the circus is coming to town!

According to “Ringmaster” Mike Shroyer, here are just a few of the acts that will enthrall families,

• Chris Wirewalker will perform two shows of acrobatics and balancing.

• There will be an exotic reptile show at the main tent.

• Adults will see if they are strong enough to hit the bell on the High Striker.

• There will be free balloon artistry and face-painting for the little ones.

• Look for the unicycle riders, stilt walkers, jugglers and a contortionist.

• Amazing Dana the magician will astound audiences.

• Canyon Lake Community Theatre will perform a special circus show.

• There will be a kiddie carnival ride.

• The Gyro Ride will be back.

• The Kids Zone will return, along with the Kids Zone drawings for prizes.
Returning this year are the Ski Show, the Bicycle Decorating Contest and the Cardboard Boat Challenge.

For sponsorship information, contact coordinator Roanne Grasso at 951-244-6977 or e-mail

In addition to the sponsorship opportunities, more than 100 booth spaces are available this year. Booth spaces are 12-ft. by 12-ft. Only the item specified on the application and approved by the Fiesta Day Committee can be sold or displayed.

The vendor application can be found at The application deadline is Friday, May 1. For booth space, contact Zayda Pascual at 415-8578-8389 or e-mail


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