Enochs visit the Big Apple



Scott Enochs and his wife, Gaye Mortimer, recently traveled to New York City since Gaye had never been there. They stayed at the Lexington New York City luxury hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

Scott says on their first night there, they ventured to Times Square where they were able to snap a shot with The Friday Flyer and get pictured on the #Loveison screen. They also managed to get a shot with the “Statue of Liberty.”

They bought two-day passes on the Grey line double-decker buses and received three days and a boat trip to the Statue of Liberty. They also got tickets for “Mama Mia” on Broadway and visited an old piano bar called “Mimi’s.” “After 20 years, Mimi was still there playing away to the wee hours,” says Scott. It had been that long since the last time Scott was at the piano bar, yet he was still able to find it.

They tried to go up the Empire State Building, but the line was two hours long so they opted for Rockefeller Center. They also visited the World Trade Center, an emotional experience.

Scott says, “All in all, we had a great time riding the bus uptown, downtown and even at night. We ate great food and plenty of New York pizza – yum.”


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