Public safety officers report monthly stats

By Donna Ritchie Columnist, The Friday Flyer

By Donna Ritchie
Columnist, The Friday Flyer

The following departments provided monthly statistics for March at the Public Safety Committee meeting on March 31.

Canyon Lake Police

Lieutenant Earl Quinata presented the Police Report. The Canyon Lake Police Department handled 239 calls during the month of March.

The report stated there were 8 Part 1 crimes; 3 burglaries, 4 grand thefts/petty thefts, and 1 robbery. There was 1 report of vandalism, and 3 public intoxication arrests. The robbery occurred at the BBVA Compass Bank in the Towne Center; suspect in custody.

Under traffic enforcement, 7 traffic citations were issued (includes miscellaneous), 1 arrest was made for BUI (boating under the influence), and 2 non-criminal traffic collisions occurred.

Community Patrol

Securitas Account Manager Jay Cregeen presented the Community Patrol Report.

Community Patrol answered 595 calls for service. Officers issued 248 citations and 3 warnings.

There were 58 speed enforcement citations, 4 stop sign violations, 4 failure to stop for a school bus citations, 134 parking citations, 1 no helmet citation, 2 cell phone citation, 4 noise disturbance citations, 22 identification for access control (gate running) citations, 2 failure to comply citations for failure to show POA/DL/ID, 8 animal related citations, 4 verbal abuse citations and 5 miscellaneous citations.

A total of 27 incident reports were generated. There were 113 gate runners: 14 were trespassers, 99 were members. Community Patrol confiscated 57 POA cards that were expired or not in Dwelling Live, and 39 passes for expired or no Driver’s License or expire guest passes.

Process servers were escorted to 23 locations. Vandalism, graffiti, speed enforcement and stop sign enforcement were noted as concerns for security.

There were 9 suspicious person/vehicle calls and 26 loud noise complaints.

Marine Patrol

Marine Patrol Captain Brandon Samson presented  the Marine Patrol Report. In the month of March, Marine Patrol boats spent 366.2 hours on the lake. There were 31 boat inspections, 61 fishing license/permit checks, 13 boat tows,  9 miscellaneous tows and 4 battery assists.

There were 2 violation citations issued; 1 expired CLPOA registration, and 1 CLPOA registration on the lake.

There were 32 boating safety contacts. Two warning citations were issue; 1 passengers must be seated warning, and 1 life jacket per person warning.

Marine Patrol issued 7 quarantine tags (red) and 34 service seals (white). There were 2 AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species Inspection) “Quagga”, and 2 non-operation agreements.

Canyon Lake Fire Services

Fire Captain Brent Carter submitted the Riverside County Fire Department/Cal Fire report. The report indicated that Station 60 responded a total of 30 calls: 24 medical, 2 traffic collisions, 3 public service and 1 other. Stations 60 also responded to 1 medical call and 1 traffic collision call in the Riverside unincorporated area.

There were 25 calls with a response time of less than 5 minutes, 4 calls with a response time of 5-plus minutes and 1 call with a response time of 10-plus minutes. The average response time was 4.6 minutes.

Canyon Hills Station 94 responded to a total of 27 calls in Canyon Lake; 21 medical, 2 public service and 4 traffic collisions. Quail Valley Station 5 responded to 6 calls in Canyon Lake. All 6 were medical calls.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer Jean Voshall presented the activity report. Three bank owned properties were registered, one green pool was treated by vector, and a lien was placed on a bank owned property for failure to register and maintain. Steps were taken to place a lien on a property that was red tagged as unsafe.

There were no abandoned, non-operable vehicles stored in public view this month. There were 44 business checks for current business licenses; 23 were issued citations. Two non permitted signs were impounded.

Inspections were conducted for possible contaminates that could enter the storm drains along Longhorn Dr. and Appaloosa Ct. There were 3 call outs for discharge to storm drains.

There were no reports submitted by Animal Control or the Emergency Preparedness Committee this month.


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