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Water Wise Candidates

Editor, The Friday Flyer:

The POA Board of Directors is to be commended for being ahead of the curve!

Just last week, the Governor of California issued an Executive Order to reduce water usage by 25 percent. In recent months, the Board unanimously approved moving ahead with removing 17-plus acres of grass on the Golf Course and replacing it with drought-tolerant plantings.

The work is over 65 percent completed and is scheduled to be finished by mid-May. The drought-tolerant measures on our Golf Course will go a long way in helping the POA to meet the Governor’s requirement and reduce our use and expense for water.

The project included a “state of the art” irrigation system in these areas maximizing water efficiency. And the work, costing $1.47 million, will be paid for by an approved and funded grant from the Metropolitan Water District (MWD).

Special thanks go to Canyon Lake resident Ted Horton, who was aware of the MWD program and presented it to the POA Board. Also, thanks to POA Treasurer Bruce Yarbrough who worked on behalf of the POA Board to implement the project. Both of these men are candidates for the POA Board and worthy of election.

They have demonstrated their concern for Canyon Lake and helped implement a project that will benefit Canyon Lake homeowners.

I’m voting for Ted Horton and Bruce Yarbrough, along with Larry Greene. Canyon Lake will be well served with the election of Ted Horton, Bruce Yarbrough and Larry Greene to the POA Board of Directors.

Travis Montgomery

Freedom to Vote

Editor, The Friday Flyer:

We have an important POA election scheduled for May 14th.

Many of us have served in the United States Military. For over 200 years, thousands paid the ultimate price, their lives, while thousands more have been seriously wounded. All have served and fought for our freedom.

One extremely important freedom is the right to vote, and the right to vote without others knowing for whom we voted.

There is one major flaw in our secret ballot system in Canyon Lake. That flaw is called “proxies.” There’s nothing wrong with candidates soliciting your votes for them; however, some may ask you to sign a proxy that takes away your voting freedom and gives them the right to vote in your name, for anyone, or issue, that they want. There also is no protection from them telling others for whom you have voted.

If someone mailed me a proxy to sign, I’d tear it up and deposit it in the trash can. If someone knocked on my door and wanted me to sign a proxy, I’d politely tell them “no” and close the door.

I feel that giving up my freedom to vote secretly would be a slap in the face to all those who fought to give me that freedom. I hope you feel the same way.

Please exercise your right and vote by absentee ballot or at the polls on May 14th. Thanks!

Joe Washle

Lake Lease

Editor, The Friday Flyer:

I was present for the lake lease meeting at the Lodge last Thursday night and have the following comments.

Our attorney tells a compelling story of why the water district is overcharging us, telling us, under California Constitution, they owe us monies.

This is all well and good and I hope we prevail this endeavor, but I think withholding the lease payments to EVMWD is a bad idea.

I say we pay under protest until this is reconciled. There is too much at stake and there is always that possibility that we could lose in court. I also think our Board members should be personally contacting the EVMWD Board to try and work out a deal without the lawyers.

Dwight Johnson

RRC Rd. Median

Editor, The Friday Flyer:

In response to a letter last week regarding how horrible Canyon Lake’s portion of Railroad Canyon Rd. looks, I too have contacted the City of Canyon Lake (which maintains the landscaping on Railroad Canyon) for the lack of landscaping maintenance.

The City tried to explain away why the landscaping looks so bad with this response on February 25:
“Our contractor has sprayed for weeds, and details a quarter of the roadway each Friday (rotating). Unfortunately due to the odd weather we’ve had recently, with rains for a couple days, and then immediately after sunny and warm, the weeds are really growing and the crews are having a hard time keeping up on their growth. I will ask them to come and spray again to see if it helps knock the weeds down.

In response to the landscaping looking dead, a lot of our plants are dormant in the winter. You should see new growth coming in the next month or so, and things will start looking a lot greener. I also have an appointment scheduled to walk the road with our contractor and replant the landscaping that is dead where cars have had accidents and run over the plants. (City Clerk/Admin. Services Manager amhall@cityofcanyonlake.com)

I asked why is it that Canyon Hills and Audie Murphy are able to consistently maintain their landscaping, without weeds, dead plants and trees and trash? I received no response!  Unlike Canyon Hills and Audie Murphy where I see gardeners working, I drive thru Railroad Canyon daily and never see gardeners working within the Canyon Lake stretch of Railroad Canyon. Maybe it’s time for a new landscaping company?!
I know this is small potatoes to our lake lease issues but, maybe if people make some noise, the City will respond and clean up our city!

Doreen Camporredondo

Meet the Candidates

Editor, The Friday Flyer:

In May, Canyon Lake residents will vote for new Directors for the Canyon Lake Property Owners Association. There are three seats available and nine candidates running for these positions. You have seen some of their views expressed in The Friday Flyer.

If you are interested in learning more about them, please come to the “Speak to the Candidates Night” at the Lodge on April 13, at 7 p.m. This is your opportunity to ask the candidates about issues that are important to you and all of Canyon Lake residents.

“The Speak to the Candidates Night is a Community sponsored event hosted by Bassmasters, Car Club, CLAMS, CLAPP, Emergency Preparedness, Fine Arts Guild, Lions Club, Lioness Club, Men’s Golf, 9ers Golf, Roadrunners Club, Street Carts, Tennis Club, Tuesday Work Group and the Women’s Golf Club.

John DeYoung


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