Nine candidates announce intent to run for POA Board


The Canyon Lake Property Owners Association has announced the candidates for the 2015/17 Board of Directors. The following individuals have completed and turned in a “Notice of Intent to Run” packet. Their names are listed in the order an official lottery has placed them on the ballot. Their complete resumes can be read at (Click on “News” at the top of the page; then click on “2015 Annual Election.”)

Eric A. Spitzer

Harold Larson

Paul Queen

Tamie Hallmark Mongold

Larry B. Greene

Bruce Yarbrough

Dale Welty

Lawrence E. Neigel

Edward “Ted” Horton

Three of the five seats are up for election on May 14, 2015. The two-year terms of Eric Spitzer, Bruce Yarbrough and Dawn Haggerty will end in May 2015. The 2015 Inspector of Election will be Nicole Ganz Jemal of HOA Elections California, Inc.

Dates for “Meet the Candidates” forums have not been announced, but the 2015 Annual Meeting and Election Calendar is as follows:

  • Saturday, March 14 – Election signs can be posted. Please note, CLPOA election signs can only be placed in the Community Setback in the 60-day period prior to the election in accordance with the Election Sign Policy.
  • Wednesday, April 8 – Mail Notice of Annual Meeting, Candidate Statements and Secret Ballot (Civil code requires they be sent out at least 30 days prior to the meeting date, which is May 14, 2015.)
  • Thursday, May 7 – Last day it’s recommended to mail ballot.
  • Thursday, May 14, 8 a.m. – Annual Meeting and Election of Directors at the Lodge.
  • Saturday, May 16 – Alternate Adjourned Annual Meeting Date (time to be determined) if quorum is not met on May 14, 2015.

Voters will want to read the resumes of each candidate to have an understanding of their professional background and how they’ve been involved in the community. Here are the “Goals and Objectives” they listed in their resumes.

Eric Spitzer (Incumbent)

Community Service in Canyon Lake: POA Director 2013-2015

Goals and Objectives

I will provide solutions to the problems that Canyon Lake faces today through common sense. I will be a representative for the members, not the POA. We need someone representing our voice. The POA works for us, we don’t work for them.

I will work to make the residents and POA work together; a house divided against itself cannot continue to stand. NO one seems to understand that the POA Board is supposed to be a subset of us. I will protect against people stealing or wasting our money; I can smell a scam a mile away.

I will make sure the POA employees are courteous and provide excellent customer service. I will have no secrets and will answer any members’ questions truthfully and honestly without hesitation.

Harry Larson

Community Service in Canyon Lake: Finance Committee, Green Community

Goals and Objectives

I will establish contracts to assure that minimal dollars are expended on all projects on monthly or daily purchases; this to assure facilities are always in top condition. We should not be in any operation where a subsidy is required. Continue to assure our amenities are always maintained.

Review all contracts to assure that there is a good profit margin. Facilities that we operate, if not producing, should be leased. We as members would not have to subsidize. In most country clubs, members pay a quarterly or monthly fee to purchase food and beverages, and no subsidy would be required. We must remember that we received a discount several years ago. Should we go back to this and bring more patrons back to our facilities?

Paul Queen

Community Service in Canyon Lake: Community Patrol Committee, Appeals Committee

Goals and Objectives

First and foremost I will represent the people of Canyon Lake and what we want, not what the Board or the POA itself wants. I will only support projects that are needed and supported by the residents. I will reject the special projects that Directors want that have no community support.

I will stop the passing of policies and rules that alienate and disenfranchise our residents. I will work to eliminate the constant wasteful spending, and fight to reduce our dues every year with the savings. I will fight for transparency between the Board and our community, making sure all issues are fully vetted to the public.

Most importantly, I am a reasonable person, willing to hear all sides of an issue. I will not just listen to our residents but will consider their opinions before I vote to ensure I am always representing you on the Board and not just another cog in the POA machine.

Tamie Mongold

Goals and Objectives

First, I would like to get POA card readers and cancel the RFID readers at all the gates so our residents do not have to pay to get to their own homes. I want to eliminate all the senseless spending and reduce our dues. Get three to five bids on every improvement we make that is approved by our homeowners. Take back Blue Bird Hall from Securitas for our kids and club meetings.

I would like to see a fenced dog park at East Port Park, along with some lighting, covered benches and some shade trees. I want to see that EVMWD will be held responsible in keeping our lake cleaner. I will see to it that we have transparency for all issues that concern the residents of Canyon Lake.

I will help turn our restaurants back into places that can make a profit and attract people by improving the food quality. I will support keeping our amenities up to date and useful so that our residents can enjoy them year round.

Larry Greene

Community Service in Canyon Lake: Member of the Emergency Preparedness Committee, Emergency Operations Center Manager/Coordinator and Terrorism Liaison Officer for City of Canyon Lake; Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) instructor, certified AED and CPR instructor

Goals and Objectives

My goals are to continue and ensure the financial stability and future of Canyon Lake. Support and foster a cooperative working relationship with the Board and the community. Continue to develop a positive working relationship between the POA and the City of Canyon Lake on commonly shared issues which impact our citizens. Maintain all amenities in the community to assure high property values.

Bruce Yarbrough (Incumbent)

Community Service in Canyon Lake: POA Director 2013-2015, Finance Committee, Rules and Regulations Committee, Board Liaison to Finance Committee, Tennis Facility Committee, Dog Park Committee, Green Committee, Tuesday Work Group, Campground Committee and Lake and Marina Committee.

Goals and Objectives

I would like to return to the Board to continue the work we have started and complete the Community Building, Happy Camp and the Dog Park that I have personally been involved in getting completed.

Dale Welty

Community Service in Canyon Lake: Tennis Facilities Committee, Youth Action Committee, Finance Committee

Goals and Objectives

I have been an appraiser for the VA for 25 years. As such I am very concerned about our community’s real estate values and how that reflects on our overall community’s health. One of the most significant factors in a healthy community is its ability to work together. I would like to see us all work together.

A second factor is to attract people to live in Canyon Lake who care about community and family. In order to succeed at this, we need to wisely upgrade and maintain our amenities. My first child is 26 and was born and raised in Canyon Lake. Now I am raising my second child in Canyon Lake. It is extremely important to me that children in Canyon Lake are provided a healthy environment, and are given every possible tool to succeed.

Lawrence Neigel

Community Service in Canyon Lake: POA Director 2011-2013, President North Shore Condominium Association

Goals and Objectives: As a Director I will proactively work with the Board to bring a change in how we do business in the Association, with quality and friendly service to our membership, fairness in our business practices, open and accessible information to all members.

My goals will include a continued effort to improve service to all members, continued efficiency and financial accountability by homeowners who rent their property or fail to properly care for the property. I will work to hold banks accountable for neglecting their properties that affect our property values.

I will work tirelessly in improving security and safety within our private community. I will work to hold government officials accountable for properly filing crime reports and providing our members with proper public service that we have every right to expect. I will protect our Association members’ rights to due process and be free from unreasonable abuse of power by Association Board members or staff.

I will work to rid our community of lawless vagrants and trespassers who believe there will be no consequences for their illegal actions. I hold the Association members as the people I will serve, not the Association paid staff or contractors.

Ted Horton

Goals and Objectives: Satisfied residents will be the result of providing exceptional service and constantly improving amenities and residential programs that meet the variety of needs . . . Fulfilled employees are desired by all of us. My goal is to have a well-rewarded, well-trained and most fulfilled workforce. By providing a work environment that encourages employees to reach their potential, we can achieve amazing results.

Objectives: Constant improvement . . . Our amenities are integral to our lifestyle and we must continuously seek to add to and improve these amenities. Good stewardship means doing everything we can to protect our lake water quality, working and living in harmony within our community and surrounding cities, and sharing our success with those less fortunate than ourselves.

Financial success benefits our Association, our residents and extends to our employees, their families and the community as a whole . . . We all need to be accountable for what we do and how we perform . . . Teamwork will be a key to our success. We are a complex community with many different kinds of residents with different needs and desires. The actions of one Board member greatly affect the others. Board members should strive to break down barriers and work together with employees and community leaders as one team to achieve our mutual goals. Acting ethically and honestly will generate trust and respect.


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