Letters to the Editor: Cronyism


The definition of cronyism is “favoritism shown to cronies regardless of their qualifications, as in filling political positions.”

There are many reasons why so many of us have so little faith in government and one of them is cronyism. Last week the City Council appointed John Zaitz to fill the seat vacated by Nancy Horton as she moved on to bigger and better things. It was a foregone conclusion that at least two of the current Council members would vote for Mr. Zaitz. After all, the three of them have been friends for many years and how could they ever look Mr. Zaitz in the eye had they voted for someone else.

The third Council member who voted for Mr. Zaitz was a bit of a

surprise to many. I met Mr. Zaits many years ago and I am aware of his past involvement as a member of the City Council and serving as our mayor for two years.

He has done many good things for our City and I give him credit for his

accomplishments and time and effort. He is intelligent, articulate,

experienced and presents himself well. But consider this, Mr. Zaitz has been unsuccessful in his last four attempts to once again become a Council member.

Why? Because his thoughts, ideas and philosophy were not in concert with

the majority of the POA members. He was the spokesman for the

failed Goetz Hill mining and development. He advocated

dissolving Canyon Lake as a city. He was quite vocal regarding his

distain for the UUT tax. The majority of voters felt differently about all of these.

We shall see what the future holds for Canyon Lake. Will the specter of Goetz Hill being developed come to light again? Will three or perhaps four Council votes shout down the newly elected fresh face?

Steve Hipsak