Want to submit news but don’t know how?


Residents may have questions about information appearing in the newspaper – for example, “Is there a charge to place an announcement or obituary?” or “How do I submit a picture for Near and Far with The Friday Flyer?” “Where is the City Multi-purpose Room?” etc. Here are some helpful tips:

  • There is no charge to place announcements, obituaries, news briefs and club news, with or without pictures. Information and photos may be e-mailed to news@goldingpublications.com. For those who prefer to mail or drop off news, the office address is 31558 Railroad Canyon Rd. (located in the back left building in the Towne Center).
  • Residents are encouraged to share announcements of the special events in their lives, along with photos. Photos will be returned if a self-addressed envelope is included. Announcements should be limited to two to three paragraphs.
  • News briefs are printed as space allows, with preference given to those items of most interest to Canyon Lake residents.
  • Club news is reserved for the use of sanctioned Canyon Lake clubs. Pictures are welcome and will be used as space and photo quality permit.
  • As a service to residents, obituaries with photos are printed for no charge; however, the deceased person should have been a resident or property owner. Space constraints prohibit accepting obituaries for relatives of residents.
  • The paper relies on parents and teachers to provide information about events at school, as well as awards and accomplishments (academic, athletic or artistic) of their children.
  • Residents and groups are invited to take The Friday Flyer with them on any trip, near or far, and send pictures to news@goldingpublications.com. Please include details like who, what, when, where and other highlights.
  • Letters to the editor are welcome; however neighbor complaints and business testimonials (good or bad) will not be printed. Residents may send letters no more frequently than once a month and all letters must be signed. No anonymous letters, for example: “a concerned neighbor” or a “thankful resident,” will be printed.

Letters and other information may be e-mailed to news@goldingpublications.com; faxed to 244-2748; or mailed to 31558 Railroad Canyon Rd., Canyon Lake 92587.

Community meeting rooms

Here are the locations of meeting rooms commonly listed in the paper.

City Council Chamber, also known as City Multi-Purpose Room: Downstairs at City Hall.

Magnolia Room: Downstairs in the Canyon Lake Country Club (outside entrance).

Holiday Bay Room: The large banquet room at the Lodge.

Sunset Beach Room: A meeting room downstairs at the Lodge.

Pool View Room: The room overlooking the pool downstairs at the Lodge.

Senior Center: The building just inside the Main Gate.

Blue Bird Hall: The building at the corner of Canyon Lake Dr. So. and Blue Bird Dr., now the headquarters for Securitas.


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