Movie Reviews by Reel People: ‘The Interview’


“The Interview” is much ado about nothing. We are all too familiar with the international incident this film has caused. North Korea has issued threats, patriots streamed to online outlets and Sony has taken a beating in the industry. This might be worth our price of freedom if there were any merits at all to this irresponsible, reckless and moronic movie.

Filled with F-bombs, Seth Rogan stoops even further with his typical slob humor as an excuse for political satire. Joined again by thespian “genius” James Franco, they show how their 40-year-old frat boy act has gone stale. As TV tabloid host Dave Skylark, Franco’s inane routine begs the question, “Rob Schneider wasn’t available?”

“The Interview” is 112 minutes and rated R for language, sexual humor, nudity and violence. These TV show people are the two least-qualified to assassinate Kim Jong-un. Similarly, Rogan and Franco are the two least-qualified to make a momentous political statement. Interesting that the Korean words above the movie title translate as, “Please do not believe these ignorant dishonorable Americans!” So, we do agree with something.

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