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Donna Ritchie Editor, The Friday Flyer

Meet the four Board of Directors candidates

Meet the 2017/19 Board of Directors candidates Four candidates have announced their intention to run for the three positions on the Canyon Lake Property Owners Association Board of Directors. The three seats currently held by Bruce Yarbrough, Eric Spitzer and Edward "Ed" Horton are up for election on May 11, 2017. Tom Nathan, Phil Hawgood, Paul Chenette and Michael Harris have completed and turn…

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Ron and Leigh Martel Columnists, The Friday Flyer

Movie Reviews by Reel People: Reel People predict Oscar winners

2016 was a politically turbulent year and the movies reflected a similar conflict. Batman fought Superman and Captain America attacked Iron Man. The champions were raunchy "Suicide Squad" and sadistic "Deadpool." Then, the McDonald's "Founder" was revealed to be The Hamburglar. Yet, the top grossing film was "Finding Dory," go figure. Leigh's Top 10 for 2016: "Passengers," "Jungle Book," "Sully," …

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Valerie Reeves Reporter, The Friday Flyer

Jamie Fredrick follows dream of illustrating children's books

The  talent of Jamie Frederick, a graphic artist and children's book illustrator, was apparent at an early age. She became hooked on drawing at the age of eight when she receive a Mickey Mouse sketch pad from her  aunt and uncle. Jamie began drawing whenever she had the chance. Jamie used her love of drawing in the Art Club in high school. After high school, Jamie followed her dream of going …

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Donna Ritchie Editor, The Friday Flyer

Great Backyard Bird Count not just for the birds

Beginning on Christmas Day 1900, Ornithologist Frank M. Chapman, an early officer in the then-nascent Audubon Society, proposed a new holiday tradition — a "Christmas Bird Census" that would count birds during the holidays rather than hunt them. So began the Christmas Bird Count. Each year from December 14 through January 5 tens of thousands of volunteers throughout the Americas brave snow, win…

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Sharon Rice Editor, The Friday Flyer

Youth tours eight Central America countries

These days more than ever, young people are traveling the world in several ways: by taking study-abroad programs at their schools, to teach English language classes in other countries, to work with philanthropic organizations or simply to get a look at the way others live outside the United States. It was this latter category that led John Guzman Jr., son of Canyon Lake residents John and Cathe…

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Justin Dela Cruz Columnist, The Friday Flyer

Teen Talk: Reflecting on Senior Year, the good, bad and ugly

For some teenagers, it is their last year of high school: a time of joyful nostalgia and reflection upon numerous milestones and accomplishments. For others, they can move on and leave behind the ugly atrocities of the past. In either case, being a senior is a period of transition that grants new opportunities while moving past bittersweet recollections. This is how my experience as a senior has g…

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Betty Williams Columnist, The Friday Flyer

Bring home the bacon with Brussels sprouts dish

Grocery bags. How many times have you forgotten to bring your own bags to the grocery store? It’s February now, three months after the passage of Prop 67 (which effectively banned single-use carry out plastic bags), and I still forget to bring bags. But I’m getting better. At least I now have them in the back seat of my van. So, when I’m in the cereal aisle and suddenly remember about the b…

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