Decoration reminders


Residents are reminded that Halloween decorations may not be placed on their property earlier than two weeks prior to the holiday. Halloween decorations must be removed within one week following the holiday. This applies to all seasonal decorations with the exception of end of year holidays.

Decorations for end of year holidays may not be placed on the property earlier than Thanksgiving Day and must be removed no later than Jan. 15 the following calendar year.

The POA can issue a citation of $50 (per week) to residents who violate this rule.

  • dougeducate

    What a joke! “End of year holidays” are the exception. Well of course they are. Made up nonsense always means the most to Conservative Christian Republicans…they base their entire lives on it. You do realize that “Christmas” is made up, right? It was created to distract from the pagan celebrations. It has nothing to do with Jesus, absolutely nothing.