Letter: Marijuana Dispensary


Editor, The Friday Flyer

It is difficult to imagine “paradise” as a haven for drugs; the two words are diametrically opposed.

On our street, we watch a “wiggie” as he does his thing. Forgive me, but our daughter had to explain the bizarre behavior of this man because her parents were not acquainted with marijuana related actions. Neighbors took pictures as he went “fishing” at 3 a.m. to the little park on Whirlaway Ct. to conduct his drug deals.

To get a medical prescription for marijuana, all you have to have is a prescription or go to a nearby red cross sign located on Hwy. 74. How many young teens, mothers and children use the Canyon Lake gym area where this “business” would be?

Do we really want our babies, children, teens, citizens to live in a city where there is such easy access to this illegal, life-changing drug? We can never be called “paradise” again.

Just say no to the forces who are pushing this. Besides the obvious, “money,” what cowards would want to change our little city? We ask the city council to be brave and courageous as they make this most important decision of their lives, their careers.

Jack and Alice Gray

  • dougeducate

    Grow up. You do know the movie Reefer Madness wasn’t real, right? I realize you probably grew up during the time it was released…but it wasn’t real! Stop being such drama queens. If you don’t like legal weed, move to a state that does not allow it.

  • Anon

    That guy you saw was probably a tweaker, and there are a few living INSIDE the community from what I’ve noticed and I just moved here. Marijuana, used right, is not the issue, or the root of bad people and people’s view from the 50s need to change. Meth is the problem, coke is the problem, and alcohol is no help. Marijuana helps many good people, who are ambitious and want to contribute to society as much as the non-weed smoker. I agree it should not be near a place where children will be present. Or by a gym for that matter, that’s just bad business.

  • rc_cola

    Jack and Alice,
    Just in case you didn’t know, marijuana is now legal in California as of January the 1st.
    Get over it…